Tuesday, November 2, 2010

News and things of that nature

OK, first of all, a big thanks to everyone who has pre-ordered the new album. I’m so thankful to have your trust and, well, your money. For those of you who haven’t ordered yet, there’s still time. I’ll be doing pre-orders for another 7-10 days. Go here to order for a discount.

And of course, as most of you know, I’m running a sale right now on my back catalog. All of my older CD’s (except for the ones that are out of print), are $5 for a limited time. I’ll probably extend this sale for another 2-3 weeks. Go here to buy cheap stuff!

Barring any weird surprises, the new CD – The Christmas Stories – will release between Nov 11th and 15th. I will alert everyone as soon as I have them, so that you can have some idea of when to expect them in the mail.

The album should be available for download –on iTunes, Amazon, etc – a few days before the actual CD is released. Probably early next week.

Now some tour/concert news. Below you will find my travel calendar thru Christmas. All dates subject to change, but I doubt that will happen. All these are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.

Nov 6 – Kids’ concert in Houston, TX. I think this show is closed, but if you have questions, call me and I’ll see if I can get you in.
Nov 7 -- leading worship in The Woodlands, TX for this church.
Nov 12 – benefit concert for Jesus Said Love in Waco, TX. This show has a ticket price, but there are two other acts playing, and the proceeds go to fund an awesome ministry, so it’s worth it. More info here.
Nov 13 – benefit for Hope Pregnancy in Bryan, TX. This is the kind of ministry that, among other things, allows couples like me and Staci to get babies even though we can't make 'em the "normal" way. Support this!
Nov 14 -- leading worship in The Woodlands, TX for this church.
Nov 21 -- leading worship in The Woodlands, TX for this church.
Dec 3 – Christmas concert at The Village Café in Bryan.
Dec 4 – Christmas concert in Tyler, TX at this church.
Dec 5 – Leading worship in Tyler, TX at this church (same place as the night before).
Dec 8 – Christmas concert in Richardson, TX at this church.
Dec 10 – House concert in Arlington, TX.
Dec 12 -- Christmas concert for my peeps at Community Church in College Station, TX.
Dec 17 – Christmas concert in Houston, TX (details coming).
Dec 19 – leading worship, doing mini-concert in Arlington, TX for this church.

As always, if you have questions about any of these shows, leave a comment on the blog, email me, or contact me thru facebook or twitter or whatever.

If you’d like to host me for a house concert (or whatever) sometime in the next 2 months, please let me know. House concerts are free as long as you provide me some food and invite lots of friends!

Finally, my new website should be up around the time that the CD is released, if not sooner. Be on the lookout for that.

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