Monday, October 3, 2011

New EP!

My new worship EP has dropped! If you're interested in buying an actual CD of this new 5-song worship project, go here:

If you want to download it, go here: right now they have it priced too high, but it should be corrected within an hour or so. While you're waiting for the change (to $4.99), you can sample it and see what you think!

Friday, September 9, 2011

John 1:1-7 to music

These songs are now available on iTunes, Amazon, and Google Play. Enjoy!


OK, OK, what can I say? I got tired of blogging and started hanging out here and here and here instead.

And on top of that, I started pursuing more songwriting -- as in, writing songs that other people can sing instead of just writing songs for me to sing -- and slowed down in my pursuit of gigs and such.

It's a long story. In short, I'm still alive and I'm still doing what I've always done, but my life and career are just shifted and shuffled a little.

If you want to know more, just ask.

In the meantime, here's something that some of you have asked about. The homeschool co-op that my family is in needed to memorize a short section of John chapter 1 in both English and Latin. So I put it to music for them. This isn't a super-high quality recording (it's not bad, just not maybe up to my regular "put it on the record" standards), but I think it's pretty fun. Also, my Latin isn't very good (which is to say that I don't speak Latin). I learned this by listening to the recording of a Latin teacher reading the passage. So have a little grace if I'm mispronouncing anything.

OK, here it is in English:

And in Latin:

Ninety-nine cents each. Good for teaching your kids (or yourself!) 7 verses of scripture. And I think it's a decently catchy tune as well.

Obviously I have much more to catch you up on. I won't make any promises about how well I'll do with that. If you really want to keep up with me, follow me on Twitter or friend me on facebook or like me on facebook.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank you sir, may I have another!?!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Actually, I hope you're not actually spending today reading blogs, so ideally you're reading this at a time when it would make more sense for me to say "hope you had a great Thanksgiving."

Either way, I've got another video for you.

After watching the last one, I was thinking that maybe I did too much talking, and didn't get to the awesome-face-rocking soon enough. So I decided that this time I'd just upload the song without the "here's how I wrote it" stuff. If you really must hear me talk about these things, you're welcome to come see me play sometime soon. Info on upcoming shows can be found here and here.

Anyway, the new video is below. For some reason, if you watch it here on the blog, I'm like half out of the shot. It's framed better here.

A little bit of back story:
I actually didn't want to play this tune on my ukelele, but we were at Jeff's house, and my acoustic was locked up in a church building for a gig we were doing that evening, so I just went with the uke. It turned out pretty good anyway, and made for a nice, different-sounding arrangement.

Also, this arrangement is in A, while the version on the album is in Bflat. Again, that wasn't something we planned. It just turned out that we only had one capo, and I wanted it for the uke, since I can only play like 6-7 chords on it (mainly chords in D, G, and E), and Jeff didn't want to play acoustic in actual Bflat. I know, that's all terribly hacky, but there you go.

Having said all that, I think this turned out really good.

Enjoy, and please go buy and tell your friends!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mo Vid Yo


A quick update. The CD is selling great. I mean, it kind of has to sell great, because in about 40 days, sales will drop off like crazy. So it's good news that the CD is selling well. Thanks to everyone who bought it, and special thanks to anyone who told someone else to buy it or bought several to give away. If you have the project and like it, please tell your friends. You are my PR firm, people. The pay ain't great, but... well, the pay ain't great.

Secondly, I'm working like mad on a new website, and it's just taking longer than I'd hoped. The RK World Tour office is rather spartan in it's personnel, so it takes us a bit longer to roll out these big changes than it sometimes ought to. Hopefully I'll have it rolling the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Finally, in my continued efforts to drum up interest in the record, I've got another video to show you. Check it out and feel free to send your "I don't know if I want to buy another Christmas record, especially from some goober that I've never heard of" friends to it.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

another fun video! it's like actual marketing.

Yep, here's something else for you to watch. I know I always love to have videos of me to watch, and if you're like me, then you do too.

Seriously, go watch this. My pal Andrew Kilzer shot and edited it.

A weekend of great causes

Hey! Quick Update!

The CD will be out this Friday. I'll be mailing them this weekend to anyone who has pre-ordered. If you want the pre-order price, you've got 3 days left!

Now, onto upcoming dates:

If you're in the Central TX area, there are two great opportunities this weekend to give your money, your time, and your ears.

First, this Friday, I'll be in Waco, joining Brett and Emily Mills and James Mark Gulley for a night of great music and powerful stories of redemption. Jesus Said Love is an amazing ministry, bringing light and hope to dark and hopeless places. All the info you need is here, and of course you can just email me or leave a comment on this post and if you want more info.

Second, this Saturday I'll be playing here in BCS for Hope Pregnancy, a wonderful group of folks who reach out to young women who find themselves unexpectedly with child. As an adoptive father, I am deeply grateful to ministries like this, because they play a huge part in the way that infertile couples get babies! That's obviously a self-centered way to look at it, I know, but there you go. They do lots of great stuff and they need money to do it. So come see us or, at the very least, go find a ministry like this and give them some of the money that you'd use to buy unnecessary stuff.

As always, I'm thankful to be playing music, especially for great causes like this. What a great job I have.