Monday, April 30, 2007

i suppose it had to be done

I've created this blog specifically for the purpose of keeping people informed about my upcoming "tour." I use the quote marks because i don't know if what i'm doing can even be evaluated using the same terminology as most professional, traveling musicians. i'm 35 years old and my career might be circling the drain, in some ways. but i am about to release my first singer-songwriter CD since 2002, and i really want to get out and play the songs from it while i'm still young enough and passionate enough and compelled enough to do it; to sing/minister/relate to some of the folks who are interested in the kind of stuff that i write about. it ain't a ton of people, but i'm ok with that. if you're here, it's probably because you're one of those people, and/or because i alerted you to this blog. please feel free to comment, especially those of you are planning to "host" and/or attend one of my still-in-the-planning-stages. I'll try to post fairly often, but this kind of thing has never been easy for me. i'm not a particularly private person, but for some reason i'm not crazy about just posting my inner thoughts on the world wide web, so blogging has never been my thing.

either way, i may post about other things, too. ideas, anyone?
thanks to all of you who have supported me in this. i feel very confident that this is the kind of ministry that the Lord has called me to, at least for a short season of life. my suspicion (and, at some level, my fear) is that He wants to increase my faith thru some unpredictable, unglamorous, vulnerable time with real people. i'm excited, but nervous as well. so it means alot that so many of you have been supportive of the idea.
more info soon.