Monday, November 10, 2008

And people actually came to see me.

I did a show for Woodcreek Church in Richardson last Wednesday. It was a blast!

It wasn't even in a house. It was in a big church building. There was a cover charge! I'm serious. They charged people $5. About 200 very kind, very optimistic folks paid money and sat thru about 80 minutes of my songs and -- of course -- my ranting/preaching/joking.

The band was amazing. I mean it was top-notch. Michael Steele was on drums, as usual. Josh Taylor of Clairmont and Com Church was on electric. The legendary Brady Redwine made his "comeback" on various keyboards and organs. And JP Mendez, bass player to the stars, laid down the low end. It was nice.

Also, these girls opened up. Usually, anyone who gets stuck opening up for me is pretty terrible. I mean, I'm like, nobody, so if you open up for me, well, just make sure you know how to whip up a tall non-fat something-or-other, because the prospects for fame ain't great on the Ross King World Tour Opening Act Stage. I owe it to you to tell you this. You'll thank me later. I mean, literally, you'll thank me. You'll be like "thanks for coming to Starbuck's."

Here's a pic of said talented females:

Anyway these girls (can I say "girls"?) were fantastic. I'm serious. I told them after it was over that they were like Colbie Caillat meets Natalie Merchant and they get saved and start an acoustic duo. It was that good. You should all go to their myspace and send them messages telling them to let me produce their next record.

So in summary, the show kicked booty. Great crowd. They laughed at my jokes (which only made me tell more jokes, cuz I get all drunk on the power and approval). They clapped after my songs (and occasionally -- gasp! -- during them). Nobody threw anything. Only a few people left in the middle of the show (and of course I mocked them). I'm telling you, it was enough to make a man want to hit the road again.

Well, maybe not...

All pics were taken by Jon Lilley, a cool dude on the staff of Woodcreek Church. Except the ones of my baby. He should be so lucky.