Monday, June 29, 2009


don't have time for blogging right now, so I'll just send you here. tiffany is a com church friend and co-laborer on the trip. she'll give you a brief rundown of recent goings-on here in haiti.

One thing to note: there is a pic on the blog of some kids chicken fighting in the ocean. One of those kids is naked. the back that he's on is mine. this was a first for me. and probably a last.

Too many inappropriate jokes to make...

More updates soon. Got to get to bed. Have to be up by 6 am to start work on a rooftop garden.

Pray for Haiti!

Friday, June 26, 2009

suffering for jesus

Tomorrow around this time I'll be in Haiti. Weird. I'm really excited and anxious to see what sorts of things God has in store for me and the other folks coming along.

One interesting little tidbit is that, because Haiti is such a poor country, food is scarce and, at least to my American appetite, a little odd. Our host family -- who run the orphanage where we'll be spending the majority of of time -- gave us a long list of things to bring, some of it for the orphans and some of it for us. Due to a severe lack of quality meat/protein, they suggested that we bring canned meat. Yeah, you read that right. Canned meat. I'm a rich, white American, so I don't eat a lot of canned meat. Fortunately, during the "leaner" years of my childhood, the King family indulged in a good bit of Spam. Spam gets a bad rap (maybe?), but if I'm honest, I can tell you that I don't mind it. I mean, I haven't had it in about 20 years, but my memory is that it wasn't that bad.

At any rate, I love protein, so I decided to dive right in. So, over the next 8-9 days, as you are munching on chicken strips and steaks and cheeseburgers and ham sandwiches and such, you can think of me, consuming this, which I purchased today at HEB:

So I guess when I say "pray for me," I'm talking about more than just the usual missionary stuff.

Sunday, June 21, 2009


Next week at this time, I’ll be spending my second night (of 7) in Haiti. Our church is sending 12 of us there to live the Gospel among orphans and the other people that spend their lives there. I won’t go into the long story here, but I just wanted all of you to know about it, so that you can be praying or whatever.

Haiti is the 2nd poorest country in the world. Over half the population is malnourished, and most of them are illiterate. In addition, the country is plagued by governmental corruption, violence, and cults. To put it mildly, it’s a pretty dark place. We’re going to spend a week sharing a little Light.

In other random news, I’ve been entering some songwriting contests. It’s not something that I’ve ever really done before, but I just thought I’d try it. I’ll keep you posted if I win any. Which is to say, I'll brag on it probably act too cool like I never knew you.

Oh, and the children’s record is still coming along great. I’m starting to see the end. I’m 90% the record will be out by late August. I’ll keep you posted on that as well.