Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thank you sir, may I have another!?!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. Actually, I hope you're not actually spending today reading blogs, so ideally you're reading this at a time when it would make more sense for me to say "hope you had a great Thanksgiving."

Either way, I've got another video for you.

After watching the last one, I was thinking that maybe I did too much talking, and didn't get to the awesome-face-rocking soon enough. So I decided that this time I'd just upload the song without the "here's how I wrote it" stuff. If you really must hear me talk about these things, you're welcome to come see me play sometime soon. Info on upcoming shows can be found here and here.

Anyway, the new video is below. For some reason, if you watch it here on the blog, I'm like half out of the shot. It's framed better here.

A little bit of back story:
I actually didn't want to play this tune on my ukelele, but we were at Jeff's house, and my acoustic was locked up in a church building for a gig we were doing that evening, so I just went with the uke. It turned out pretty good anyway, and made for a nice, different-sounding arrangement.

Also, this arrangement is in A, while the version on the album is in Bflat. Again, that wasn't something we planned. It just turned out that we only had one capo, and I wanted it for the uke, since I can only play like 6-7 chords on it (mainly chords in D, G, and E), and Jeff didn't want to play acoustic in actual Bflat. I know, that's all terribly hacky, but there you go.

Having said all that, I think this turned out really good.

Enjoy, and please go buy and tell your friends!


Lindele said...

Don't know if you are aware, but Bob Kauflin mentioned one of your songs on his blog today!

Unknown said...

I think it has been too long since you have Shed anything on here, let alone too much. Please remedy this.