Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Mo Vid Yo


A quick update. The CD is selling great. I mean, it kind of has to sell great, because in about 40 days, sales will drop off like crazy. So it's good news that the CD is selling well. Thanks to everyone who bought it, and special thanks to anyone who told someone else to buy it or bought several to give away. If you have the project and like it, please tell your friends. You are my PR firm, people. The pay ain't great, but... well, the pay ain't great.

Secondly, I'm working like mad on a new website, and it's just taking longer than I'd hoped. The RK World Tour office is rather spartan in it's personnel, so it takes us a bit longer to roll out these big changes than it sometimes ought to. Hopefully I'll have it rolling the Monday after Thanksgiving.

Finally, in my continued efforts to drum up interest in the record, I've got another video to show you. Check it out and feel free to send your "I don't know if I want to buy another Christmas record, especially from some goober that I've never heard of" friends to it.

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