Monday, October 25, 2010

It's the "Ross Needs More Fans SALE!!!"

The Christmas record is pre-selling, at a discount, right here! Go buy it, please! And tell your friends.

Also, in celebration of the new project, I'm running a sale of my entire back catalog. Normally, my CD's are $12 at my online store ($10 plu $2 shipping), but for the next couple of weeks, I'm running a super-cheap sale. All my CD's will be $7 ($5 plus $2 shipping).

Not sure if you want to buy? Well, if you're brave enough to wade thru the retro-tastic and somewhat skank-nasty myspace waters, you can hear some samples here.

So, if you've got some friends that you want to turn into crazed, maniacal Ross King fans, this is your chance to do it at a discount. Got some family that only listen to old Carman records? This is your chance to blow their minds with musical awesomeness, while also making yourself look super-generous.

Or maybe you've got some friends who you want to fool into thinking that you're now really rich! I know I do. Well, go buy a boatload of CD's and then be all like, "yeah, it's no big deal. I just buy tons of CD's cause i'm rich." Ha! They won't know you spent 5 bucks a pop on 'em! Zing!

OK, seriously, go buy some stuff.

Oh, and I'm still working on the site, so be watching for a whole new look by the end of the week.

Thanks for your support!

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