Thursday, May 3, 2007

"where are you going?"

That's what Sam, our 3-year-old, says every time i leave the house with a guitar case in my hand. between studio sessions, church-band set-up-and-rehearse times, and gigs, it's actually a pretty common scene. before we had children, it was even more common. i made a conscious decision, taking into account my age, my growing studio/producing gig, and my desire to be a good husband/dad, to travel a little less around the time we got Sam. i don't regret it one bit. i've never been one of those people who just absolutely loves "the road" or "the life" or whatever you want to call the nomadic -- and oft-romanticized -- existence of a professional musician. i never hated it. i never loved it all that much. i accepted it as a part of what God has called and equipped me to do.

now, don't get me wrong. there have been some really great times of travel in my 12-13 years of doing this. i mean, even someone as un-famous as me has had some very, very cool "gigs." i've gotten to share the stage with lots of personal heroes and well-known celeb-types. i've been paid good money to see great scenery and stay in beautiful locations. i've been applauded and appreciated by some big crowds. it's honestly a better life than someone should be allowed to have. and again, in the scope of fame and celebrity, i've never really been a blip on the cultural radar. i'm just saying that i don't want to sound like i'm above enjoying this very fun job and position that i've been granted. no way.

and on the other hand, i've had some miserable times on the road as well. i've been to events where 500 were expected and 15 showed up (that's always awkward for everyone). i've stayed in some pretty nasty motels (recently was in one that had a massive, floor-to-ceiling mirror running the entire length of the widest wall in the room, right behind the two, very dingy double beds). hey, there was even an event that ended before it started, because, on the way there, a person ran in front of my car (long story that is terrible, then miraculous, then terrible again, then good at the end). seriously. some of you will undoubtedly ask about that one when i'm sitting in your living room sometime in next fall.

the point is that i have what i believe to be a balanced and realistic view of traveling. but i've got to tell you that there's a reason why i haven't "toured" in about 4-5 years. and there's a reason why i've chosen homes for the main venue of this tour. being away from my family is no fun. i am aboslutely convinced that God wants me to do this, and that He has some very cool plans for what will happen. i plan to sit on your couches and share life with you. i plan to hear your stories as you hear mine. i plan to sing songs that are abslutely unplanned just because of what God is doing in the moment. i'm planning for lots of laughing and praying and worshiping and head-scratching. and i really believe that i won't regret a single minute of it: not the time in random rental cars, not the awkward times of realizing that everyone forgot to find me a place to sleep for the night; not the really awkward times of realizing that it's only going to be you and your next door neighbor showing up to hear me. none of that. staci and i have talked about all of it, and we agree that this is what God wants for me -- for us -- for a certain season of life (my wife is the greatest, most wonderful women alive, people). so i'm ready for, even excited about, all of that. and i'm defnitely ready for the not-awkward and not-random times. it's going to be great.

but i will miss these little guys. and their hot mom.

you can pray for that part of this.
and for those of you whose homes i'll be in, know that i'm not just doing this "house" thing because it's cheaper and more post-modern/hippy/cool. i'm doing it because home is where life happens. anybody want to share some life?
i'll say this alot throughout this process, but thanks again to all of you who are helping, supporting, hosting, and encouraging me.


Sparrow said...

Ross, if you happen to get up to the Seattle Area, I and my roommates would love to host you. It would be great to chat with you again.


Jason Fullen said...


I found your blog through Todd's site. I am really looking forward to the new CD and certainly want to try and work out plans for you to drop down into Maryland when you come to PA. We can certainly fill a living room with the "fan club" gathered here. We won't even forget to find a place for you to stay, I promise. Just be sure you put Reisterstown, MD 21136 on the radar. We would love your visit! (FYI, we're the Texas transplant group now hanging out in MD! Bring a little bit of Texas with you when you come!)

Robert Conn said...

You pretty much have to go through North Texas to get to all of those places, so...

LP said...


Yippe kye kye yay! I think it's great that you'll be in living rooms & getting down to the intimate, nitty gritty worship. My husband & I keep running into others who are gravitating towards churches that play out that way, so like it or not, you're trailblazing again! We are looking forward to co-hosting you here in San Antonio in the Fall.


Alex Burdine said... got any gum?

Keep me posted on the gigs and the what not. I know a guy who can play a little gee-tar.

Johnny! said...

If it works out that you're coming to Casa Simmons, you better bring the fam. The, ahem, "Best...of...both...worlds," if you will.

Chrystal Sturm said...

I'm pretty sure that you MUST come to Santa Barbara and bring the whole family! What fun!! We have a small home but are not afraid to fill it to the brim. Bring it!