Thursday, May 10, 2007

And the Finalists Are...

The "Name The Tour" Contest isn't over, but it's defnitely losing some steam. And, while we are still accepting ideas, I thought it would be best to narrow the field from what we've gotten so far. So, from about 75 submissions, here are my 14 favorites, in order of appearance:

"Ross Who?" by Lance
"Homewrecker" by Lance
"Parade of Homes" by Lance
"Ross King Sings on Couches" by Todd
"Ross King Knows More Chords Now" by Todd
"Is He Still Alive?" By Todd
"The Bathroom’s Down The Hall" by Thad
"Bad Boys of Worship" by Thad
"And All the Allegations True" by Thad
"Potluck Supper" by Stevie
"Out of the Spotlight, Next to a Lamp" by Sparrow (whoever that is)
"No, Really" by Chase
"Everybody Back Up" by Mark/Pepe
"Did Everyone Get My Contractual Demands?" By Mark/Pepe

I would've had 15 favorites, but one of Todd's submissions was both slightly inappropriate and too close to the truth. I was afraid that people might buy the accompanying merch for the wrong, er, right, reasons. Sorry, Todd. You lose points for being, perhaps, a little too spot-on.

So, the contest is still officially on for maybe a day or two longer. But I'd also love to hear your thoughts on this batch of finalists. Feel free to applaud/exhort your own work. We welcome that here at the RossKingWorldTour headquarters. After all, we're in the business of promoting ourselves. If a tour is anything, it's a statement of "hey, who else thinks i'm awesome?"

Come to think of it, that's not a bad tour name...

thanks for playing.


Todd Wright said...

You realize of course that on your third post EVER you got 23 comments, right?

Now who's getting made famous?

s. e. wedelich said...

I know this says s.e. wedelich, but it's really russell...

Here's my idea...

Ross King "Road to One Day Tour"

then we could it end with a giant festival where someone (anyone) who sings with a British accent gets up a does a duet with you on oh ..i don't of your more emotional numbers

jen2mom said...

The "My World to Yours" Tour

Don't know you...just thought this fit the premise. Heard about you from Johnny - one of your "couches." =) Have fun!

Johnny! said...

...brought to you by Zaxby's.

david said...

Here's a couple for you, my friend...

Ross King...Cook me some queso and I'll sing you a song...

Ross King...Won't you be my neighbor?
(think Mr. Rogers...)

Ross King...Two doors down.

I miss you man. Tell the family hello for me...

Sparrow said...

Hey Ross, I'm James Floyd, I went to Comm Church and graduated in 06 then moved up to Seattle

Lance said...

Since nobody has really voted so far... I want to make a case for homewrecker.

It's simple, funny, and yet implies something horrible. I love it. I think you do too.

Of the other choices... I prefer Ross who? and Parade of Homes. I don't know why. They just seem to be the product of a creative mind.

Seriously... I like homewrecker, Ross King knows more chords now, and Bad Boys of Worship.

But really... homewrecker. i mean, come on... it rocks - hardcore.

Chase said...

It is only fair, Ross, to wait a day or two to see if Johnathan Brickhouse chimes in on this.

Alex Burdine said...

Ross King "Strumming to America" Tour

rk said...

good to see you here. i had a suspicion that it was you. welcome!

you have a true eye for talent. thanks for modeling the "as yourself portion of "love your neighbor as yourself."

you're getting warmer.

Alex Burdine said...

I like Mr Lobban's "Cook Me Some Queso..." bid.

In my quest for Ross' approval (via laughs) I'll try again:

"Audience of One" Tour

"Ross King's Post-Moderny Christian-tastic Sing-a-long"

and two for the "wow..." category

"Who's on Top of Who Now?" Tour

"Ross and the Sperm Whale" Tour

Todd Wright said...

if you don't pick "knows more chords now," then we'll all know that you actually DON'T.

Krives said...

All those suggestions are great, but I have to add my 2 cents. I propose:
The Ross King "Buttery-licious Tour"
or perhaps...
"Ross King: Would you rather...???? Tour"
Russ' road to one day (didn't it take place on multiple days??) Tour is a great suggestion too.

Hendrick Family said...

Ok...sorry...we've been moving.

Ross King
su casa es mi casa

(then maybe you would get cheese dip for every show...if so, Aaron would go with you.)

Ross King
I can sing even with your dog on my leg

Ross King
Sofas and Sea-turtles

(Sorry Ross, I LOVE "Things that Matter", but one time we were singing it during a service...there I was, on the stage, hands lifted high in worship and it hit sounds like we're saying, "We rarely ever live for one sea turtle. But those are the only things that matter at all." I almost laughed out loud. I had to open my eyes, because every time I closed them I saw Steve Irwin swimming with turtles.)

You know that kind of guy who writes some amazing songs, but never seems to get famous? That was me. Every time I got something good, Chris Tomlin got something better. KSBJ. That's when I realized I had to change. So I made a list of everyone I thought would let me in their house. And one by one, I'm calling them and asking them if I can come play. I'm just trying to pay the bills. My name is Ross.

Ross King
Coffee Table Altars

Ross King
Come on. Open the Door. I only sing songs about knives and throats.

Ross King
Swiffers Your Soul

rk said...

Holy goodness! Thad, Lance, Todd, you feeling the heat? And from a icky girl no less? Heather, not only are your suggestions now officially shaking up the competition, but you get additional recognition for 1)making an obscure "my name is earl" joke, 2)making an almost-but-not-quite-dirty animal husbandry joke, and 3)unknowingly releasing Thad to share some of the questionable lyrics from his little-known "and all the allegations true" project. strap in folks, it's about to get zany!

Chase said...

How bout Ross King, Bull in a China Shop.

LP said...

Lance, whoever you are (I am not in the secret fan club), your tour names are pure genius.

Ross, I think your contract rider (just follow me for a sec) should include something about "only the brown M&Ms, please" and no one being allowed in unless they've just come from a mini mall parking lot & can produce a freshly peeled-off "In case of rapture this car will be unmanned" bumper sticker.

LP said...
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Vickie Otts said...

Ross, Nick and I would love to have you do a concert in our home and it is NOT because you are our son in law OR because it would allow me to see Sam and Jude! We would love to invite friends to come and share the evening with your and us! Anytime...whenever it fits!