Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Getting down to bidness

First of all, how sweet is this map? I mean, cue the Lee Greenwood and bring the hankies, right?

OK. It's time for some actual tour-related organizationallizing to get going up in here. Here's what I'm looking for. I know that several of my pals come to this blog to make funny comments and show support (and to try to win free stuff, which is totally understandable), but I'm trying to figure out how many actual tour-host-home people are coming around. So if you're one of those folks who emailed me a couple of months ago when I made the announcement here, and if you're still interested, post something in the comments section. Give your name and where you live and where that is, approximately, or something. OR if you never emailed me about anything, but you're interested anyway, do the same. I'm just trying to figure if this blog is actually helpful in terms of the tour, or if it's just a fun place to read the pseudo-mocking comments of my "friends."

In addition, I'd love to get some help from some of you on putting all these shows in order, with regard to locations, times, etc. I figure if some of you can see who else is near you, and when the various shows might happen, we can start some productive dialogue to get me in as many homes as possible, without crazy amounts of driving.

Make sense?

Also, here's the news on the new CD. Things are moving along nicely, but I'm going to push back the release date (of course). I was originally hoping for late May (right now), but that's not happening. Then I wanted late June (nope). Now I'm thinking I just want to get the thing out before the house shows start in August. I promise this has nothing to do with me being lazy, or even with me being some kind of weirdo perfectionist artist type. I just hate rushing things. This record is turning out to be exactly what I hoped it could be, and more, and I just want to give it time to fully form. When I get a little closer to final mix, I'll post some audio clips here as a treat to those of you who frequent the blog.

More to come.


Alex Burdine said...


NE PA (North East Pennsylvania, to the lay person) will be preparing the women and children for Ross to come and play. I'm talking to the church now about possible small group events and/or a sunday morning deal. I suppose that would depend upon when you plan on being in PA. And we're a presbyterian church, so if you could keep it to three points and a prayer, we'd appreciate it.


Unknown said...

Hi Ross.
I'm Stacey and i'm in South-central PA. I'm responding to the email you sent.
I attend a Vineyard Church in Lancaster, but live just south of York.
Whatever works best for you within those ranges could be arranged, and you'd be more than welcome to pay us a visit in Almost-amish country. :)

God Bless!

wb said...

Hey Ross!

Sunny Florida! More specifically, we are in Destin (panhandle area) about 90 minutes east of Pensacola and about 3 hours west of Tallahassee.

We can be flexible with times. Would love to see ya again!


Wayne Brown

Dave Wyble said...


We have talked about this over email. I am outside Rochester NY. I have a variety of venues in mind, all depending on the day(s) you are in the area. The Main Event I'd like to host is targeting youth.

We're all looking forward to this a whole lot!

- Dave

Pastor Bobby Joe Hendrick said...

Aaron's dad says.
See if you can work in Pettus, in south Texas, near Beeville. Small church with old folks, but in striking distance of Coastal Bend College. And I helped Heather perfect her spanish.

It isn't Pennsylvania, but God can work here.

Bro. Bob (father of many nations)

Hendrick Family said...

When Aaron's dad became a grandpa, we asked him what he wanted to be called.

Father of Many Nations.

It was a little hard for Anson to say.

I thought, maybe he would become the Father of Many Nations if Aaron and his brother combined their efforts.

Who knew I would be making his dream come true single-handedly?

If you go to Petus, you should take Staci with you. She will have plenty of help from the best grandma in the whole wide world.

And this should go with out saying...

You better not even hesitate to ask us if we can help in ANY way in BCS. We mean that! One show...multiple shows...whatever.
We would be honored.


Johnny! said...

You know, Houston.

House concert in Katy on Saturday, and howzabout another at Church of the Holy Trinity in the Heights on Sunday?

You could join us for Sunday worship too, but you'd have to vest. :)

Gimme a call or email.

Ephesians 5:10 said...


Can you add me to the distro? (gaylehannay@mhcable.com). You've been in touch with Michele Dean from Westerlo NY about coming to upstate NY and we both have decided that I should be the "point person". Listen.. we're REALLY excited that you're coming! I was thinking of advertising your concert thru a number of local churches and have an "all out concert" at our church (holds about 275 people). We live about 30 minutes SW of Albany NY and the church is about 10 minutes south of Albany. We need to have you up between August 6-23rd. We have an apartment on our property in Westerlo that you are welcome to use... I will just need some promo materials to advertise you... not alot of people know who you are up here... you know, the ignorant and godless Northeast... Anyway... please add me to your distro and I'll be glad to work with the other folks in NY State to maximize your time while you're here... One of my singer/ Songwriter/pastor friends is going to help me pull this together. I could possibly work out having you lead worship if you're at all interested... We'll talk. Thanks for your enthusiasm on this project. To God be the glory!

Gayle Hannay
Westerlo, NY

Jill said...

Ross and friends,

I'm in Hunt Valley, MD about 15 miles north of Baltimore city. A Sunday night would be best for the church concert; any other night would work if it was at my place.


Joe Batluck, Sr. said...

I am a retired Army Chaplain and Executive Director of Teen Challenge Rehrersburg, PA (1 hr NW of Philly). We are a faith-based, residential (12 month), donor-supported drug & alcohol rehab ministry (average age 37). Check out our website: teenchallengetc.com. I would LOVE host you to minister to these guys. It is an incredible place. 717-202-9822 (c); 717-933-4182x205 (w); email: joe.batluck@teenchallengetc.com I can work our schedule around yours. Please let me know. Joe

Joe Batluck said...


Hey this is Joe Batluck from Denton Bible.... We've got a house if you have some time. If you will give me a date, we will make it happen.


Chrystal Sturm said...

Don't for your West Coast homies! Santa Barbara-sytle....do you own Dickies and flip flops? Shirt is completely optional. Great. You'll fit right in.

Chase said...

Wear the shirt, Ross. In case Anthony is in that part of CA you would not want to scare him.

Jason Fullen said...

Hey Ross,

Lance and I are very serious about you stopping in Reisterstown, MD(21136). We will come get you out of Pennsylvania and bring you down if necessary (and take you back.) Ironically, we are only 25 minutes from "Balt Jill" that commented up above, but I have no idea who she is. We have several options here, from several small groups meetings in houses to some relaxed youth gatherings or whatever. Just let us know - we're in. jasonfullen@comcast.net

Sparrow said...

Well, I'll represent the Northwest, I'm here in Seattle, WA

Let me know when, how many and what size venues you'd like and I can see what I can do, I know that my house is open to you, but I might be able to get a couple of the Mars Hill venues for you.

billy newhouse said...

Hey Ross,

When you make the long journey down to Houston, Stephenie and I would love to have you at our home. We are real close to Beltway 8 and Westheimer.

Travis Cardwell and I have been meeting with some professional promoters and ad agencies an we are excited about effectively getting the word out that you might be coming. I think you'll appreciate what we have tucked up our sleeve.

Feel free to make a stop here and we'd love to help however we can.

-billy & stephenie

Steph said...

Oklahoma City! Let me know when would be a good time. I'm thinking about getting something together for our 20-somethings singles ministry, possibly.

Matt Chauvin said...

How about Round Top? The Goads would love to have you also the cafe would be real supportive as well.

Then come down to Houston and I'll put you in several homes and/or churches.

By the way I'm still waiting for your phone call.

s. e. wedelich said...

Ross, I shot you an email earlier, if you can make it to Miami, you are still very welcome to come play and hang out....


Kevin Martin said...


We would love to host you here in Bradenton, FL. We are just south of Tampa, minutes from the gulf coast. Our youth pastor and myself have been blessed by your ministry for years as we are fellow Texans. We have open dates on October 12, 13, or 20th. Would love to have you in concert and minister to our youth and young families!

rch184 said...

Hi Ross,
just want to see you come to Oxford Pa. area. Sent you this info in an e-mail but just want to make sure nothing is missed. We would still love to have you come to the church so more people could ENJOY your music. your music touches my heart and i am sure it will touch many more lives after this tour. we have a large group of believers from all faiths that come from 3 counties in maryland and pennsylvania. i think we really need you here.
cut and paste for more info about the area.
ok enough said..