Sunday, December 20, 2009


I did my best to make that pic cool and interesting, but instead it just came out creepy and odd and well, a little unsettling. Probably not the best way to market my kids' record, right? Funny you mentioned it, because that's the point of this post. Read on...

OK, some of you pre-order-ers may have already gotten the CD, and I know that it's been downloaded some as well. And many of you will get them tomorrow and Tuesday. So let's start getting some reviews. Here's all that I ask. If you like the CD, tell people about it!

Again, the Ross King World Tour Promotion Machine is kind of tiny and sad and pathetic, so I need your help to get the word out.

Here's what you can do. If you use twitter or facebook or myspace or if you blog or whatever, just go on the world wide internets and say "hey, I just got this new kids' CD and it's very, extremely (insert your own verbiage here) and you should go get it too." then you can link to iTunes or Amazon or my website or whatev (I've been hanging out with college students a lot, and they say stuff like "whatev.")

Of course if you don't like the CD very much, I suppose you could tell a bunch of people not to buy it, but that's just cruel. I mean, at least play it for some 5-year-olds and see if they like it before you make a judgment.

Anyway, I'd love to hear feedback from anyone who's got the record, and I'd very much appreciate your free PR help. Hey, I'm more than willing to come do a house concert for anybody who sells some of my music.

Thanks everyone. I hope to have a couple of other fun things up before Christmas. But either way, have a great holiday.

I leave you with a second attempt:
There. Is that better? No? Seriously, I need help here.

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Michael said...

I don't have other children cd's to compare this to, as my kids are not old enough to really "get" music yet; however, as someone who really cares about what my kids are going to be listening and singing along to, I really love this CD. I know already that it is going to invoke the type of creativity and imagination that I want for my kids, and it's also going to help my wife and I teach them lessons in ways that they will hopefully enjoy.

On a scale from 1 to 10: 1 being a weird (sort of creepy) kids cd that makes parents twitchy each time it's played. A 10 being a Grammy nominated kids cd that is produced and performed by a Phil Collins and Randy Newman duet.

I score it an 8.

I mean, don't get me wrong, it's a wonderful CD...but c'mon.....Phil Collins and Randy Newman....