Wednesday, December 2, 2009

More music in my personal space

I've switched out some of the tunes on the myspace player. Go hear two new songs from the record. I'll change out one or two more in a few days.

Also, I'm trying to think of ways to get reviews for the record. Does anyone know of any high-traffic blogs or kid-focused websites or music websites that might want to review this thing? I'll give a free CD to anyone who can hook me up with such things.

Finally, I'm working on some fun video stuff to promote the record. Think low-budget, very amateur, homemade music videos shot on cheap cameras. I mean, those are the best right? It's all taking longer than I'd hoped because me and the wife are both fighting thru a nasty cold. My voice is pretty much gone. And of course being sick affects my dance moves, which will of course be on full display for any videos.

Prepare for blessed awkwardness, coming asap.



Secondjohn said...

Ross..How about this website in Lancaster/York, PA..They play children's music every Saturday morning on our local Christian Radio station. It is a big hit in the area.

Kyle said...

Heather Hendricks is reviewing things on her blog every so often, and it seems to be reasonably high can't hurt, right?

Besides, who is more qualified to review kid's stuff or music than that family?


Ben Love said...

Here's what I found:

I'll find more later. I promise.