Thursday, November 19, 2009

Various and sundry

First, we just sent the kids' project to be mastered. That means I'm done working on it. It also means that, God willing, it will be out in 2-3 weeks. Weird. It only took a year.

I'll be posting something about pre-orders within the next week or so, hopefully. I'm going to make the record sigificantly cheaper for people who order early, so be on the lookout for that.

Second, I need promotional ideas. Who has thoughts on cheap ways to tell as many people as possible about this? I'm not all that savvy with the twitter and the facebook. And I don't think anyone is uing the myspace these days. Anyone? Thoughts? Brilliance? Good ideas will get you free copies.

And speaking of free copies, my recent contest had the worst turnout in RKWT contest history. I guess people don't think Nickelback is as bad as I do. Well, that's just a really sad statement about our culture, but whatev. At any rate, my old pal and former bandmate Alex Burdine was the clear winner, so he gets the prize. Alex, send me your address and I'll get you a copy asap.

Next, there will be a new look at very soon, like this month. No, I'm serious. I have to do it now. Since I have the new record coming out, it means I can no longer have a website that says "under construction." Musicians with "under construction" websites don't sell records. I'm no marketing genius, but I know that much. So you can expect to be slammed with "new website!" posts and emails and tweets and such fairly soon. I'll be trying to get folks to go see it.

Here's a pic that I'll probably use on the site:

I have lots of jobs and passions and hobbies and such, so I thought it would be appropriate. Get it?

Finally, I'd like to start talking about concerts to promote the new record (but also to play my other songs as well, of course). So if anyone would like to talk house shows (or non-house shows) please let me know.

That's all for now.


The Farmers Nest said...

We would love to host a house show. Let us know the time frame you are thinking. Can't wait for the CD to come out!

Dave Wyble said...

Nice pics.

I have two comments. First, there will always be a door open in western NY for a short home/church concert series. We've talked, and let's keep talking, but I understand it is a long way and a Big Deal.

Second, an unrelated observation about juggling and life. In life we take on many tasks, and often we all feel like we are juggling. When successfully juggling three balls, and someone tosses me a fourth, I drop them all, not just the one. So it can be in life.