Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Is this the end for me?

It's funny, because as the whole kids' CD developed, I kept making jokes about how I was making a record of "booger songs." At the time, I honestly hadn't written any songs about boogers. That was just my way of joking about it. When I'm insecure about my career, I make jokes, OK? It's not something I'm proud of, but there it is.

Anyway, people started saying stuff like "I can't wait to hear those booger songs!" or "I really need my 5-year-old to hear this song because he eats his boogers" or "my husband wipes his boogers under the couch and I think he needs to see a therapist." I didn't know how to help with that last one, except to advise that husband to be a little more covert about it.

But all those comments got me thinking that maybe I really did need to have a booger song on the record. I mean, I know it's extremely immmature and low-brow and such, but that's exactly the kind of stuff that I find hilarious. Monkeys! People getting pummeled in the crotch! Boogers! That's comedy.

So I wrote something. And when it came time to record it, I decided to invite my old college roommates for the background vocals. I mean, one of them is the VP of a big bank, and the other works for ministry that reaches out to street kids and gangs. Neither one of them has ever sang in the studio or performed at all, really.

So of course they were perfect.

I had to make a video. It is below.

In other news, the CD is now being mixed. The artwork design is nearly done. This means the record is less than month away from release. Thanks for your patience.


Andrew Kilzer said...

when does this album drop? this thing is gonna be hotter than the any of that crap kanye puts out!

King Family said...

this song is going to help so many families out there. and kyle and tray really made this song!

Amber said...

what about feeding em to the dog? that's a win/win/win in my book.
and also, because my opinion is a valuable one, i liked it and sang along.

Alex Burdine said...

You missed an opportunity for a "that black thing in front of the mic is a wind shield not a booger shield" joke.

Robert Conn said...

Ok, I was pretty much excited about the CD before... But now! Oh man!

I'm all jittery.

Michele said...

My three year old just watched this four times to hear the music and would like for me to play it again. I think you have a hit!
I love listening to three guys I have known since 5th grade sing about boogers.

Unknown said...

Haha! That's great. Can't wait for the album!

Chrys and Mike said...

hilarious! our sons would be happy to star in a what-not-to-do video for you when the song hits the charts. they are pros.


LP said...

#1) The world needs to prepare itself.
#2) Was Naomi holding the camera?