Saturday, July 7, 2007

trying out some stuff

Don't know if this blog template is better or worse than the black. don't know if there's anything less important in life than that question. just trying to keep things interesting around here.

Also, waiting on one phone call and one email to have the OK/KS/MO and PA/MD/NY tours finalized. I'm definitely going to have to go to the northeast more than once, unless I want to stay for like 10-12 days at a time. As a husband of a hot wife and a father of two squishy dudes, that option es no bueno.

Finally, check out the pic. This is from my photo session with Ari (see older post to read about my diva-like antics in front of the camera). Staci brought the kids along, and after we were done getting 100's of shots of me looking cool and ripped, Ari offered to get a couple of me looking cool and ripped while my kid is on my shoulders. I won't use this one for the CD cover, but i thought it was cool anyway. We did something like this with Sam on Famous 2, so my wife thought it would be cute and all.

Hello! She was right.


King Family said...

How cute is that picture!?

Todd Wright said...

1. Dig the new template.
2. Dig the picture.
3. Dig the baby.

Alex Burdine said...

Ross, you're looking really emo these days....

did you put on the black spidey suit?

bad ross.

Did you LOVE transformers?

thad said...

I approve of the child and of the changes to the site, especially the addition of the link to the brilliant guy who co-pastors your church.

Todd Wright said...

"Ross Is Emo."

Now, THAT'S an album title.

rk said...

Wow, i have no idea what "emo" even means. In the past, when people have used that word in my presence in conversation, I've just nodded and been like, "I know, right?" But I can't lie anymore. I'm basically clueless here.

I think it refers to music in some way, but that's about all I've got.

Second, Alex, I assume you're referring to my hair in that shot. If you'll notice, there is an 8 month old on my head and shoulders, holding on tight to the easiest thing to grab. He thereby took charge of my 'do, so if something "emo" happened, he gets the credit, or blame, as it were.

Finally, Alex my man, why are we talking about my hair, when you just got hitched? Congratulations brother. Wish I could've been there. But I assume the ceremony went fine despite my absence.

And i'm sure the honeymoon went well because of my absence.

Alex Burdine said...

Ross, I emailed you what I really wanted to say in public. My better judgement prevailed.

Secondly, in all your jedi-nerditude, I KNOW you saw spiderman 3... Peter at the night club = Ross with King child numero dos on his head.

Thirdly, as soon as you know dates, let me know what you're thinking for your PA trip.