Wednesday, July 11, 2007

spittin' distance

That's how close I am to finishing this crazy record. Kids, I've somehow worked myself into a summer that had only 3 normal "camp" weeks (I usually do 6-8 weeks), and is still as busy as ever. Between finishing this project and planning this tour, I'm feeling a little looney. But we're on the home stretch.

In fact, this past week has been kind of a clean-up time. I've been finishing up vocals and acoustics. Below are some pics from a couple of sessions:

My friend Greg Smith gave me a free guitar last year (this isn't it). Now he just shows up every once in a while with something really expensive and says, "try this one out for a while." The above pic is me tuning the limited addition Breedlove that he's trying to sell (it costs more than my car, and isn't as comfortable to sit in). It's really a finger-style guitar, so it actually didn't mesh that well with my basher-smasher style of playing, but I used it on a few of my slower tunes. Guitar nerds: begin salivating!

Look at the above pic, if you dare, and gaze upon the razor-sharp intensity of a 4-chord-playing, super-fast-strumming psycho-genius of indie soft rock.

This is my hottie wife rubbin' the funk on it. All aformentioned salivating must now cease. Cease, I say!

Keith Sewell, my studio partner at The MixLab, editing some of my vocals, probably trying to figure out how hard the AutoTune plug-in is going to have to work to keep me from sounding like William Hung and Stevie Nicks' illegitimate lovechild.

All in all, good sessions, good results. I keep saying I'm going to get you guys some rough mixes, and I really intend to, but forgive me for being a little nervous about showing my unfinished work. OK, I'll make this promise. The people who frequent this blog will have first chance at hearing some of this stuff. Deal? Deal.

And I really will have the tours worked out soon. I'm on the very cusp (the cusp!) of finalizing the first PA/NY/MD leg, the OK/KS/MO leg, and the San Antonio shows. I'm ready, but I'm waiting on contacts from a few folks (Lance! Rob!) to get back to me.

That be all.


Michael said...

what can I do to get you to never say "rubbin' the funk" again?

Johnny! said...

Friends don't let friends use AutoTune. Stop it.

rk said...

unfortunately, you just guaranteed that i'll say it a lot more.


JasonSigs said...

Ross, what kind of guitar(s) do you normally play? I'm a Taylor guy myself, but I've heard a lot of good things about Breedlove guitars. Haven't had a chance to try one out yet though.

As a side note, I'd be interested in knowing what kind of equipment you use in your studio (mics, instruments, mixing hardware/software, etc.) if you ever feel like sharing.

Alex Burdine said...

"Snoop Mic" was seen in the picture with Staci.

Todd Wright said...

I too am concerned with Ross' liberal use of the phrase "rubbin' the funk on it." I've heard it twice now, and I have been uncomfortable with both uses.

Is there a dude more unsuited to use this phrase or what?

Johnny! said...

Yeah. You.

Johnny! said...

BTW, Ross, you're tagged, because I have to play my wife's silly game, which, even though she's my wife is gay. Visit my blog for details.

Todd Wright said...

Come on, Ross. 7 Random Things...we all want to know!

rk said...

yeah, todd, that's my big priority today: blogging in response to a high school chain mail that you and Johnny roped me into.

Here's the irony, kids. these two dorks took great pains to make fun of me for using the phrase (sarcastically!!!) "rubbin' the funk," like it was creepy or deviant or some such nonsense. then Johnny "tags" me (too many jokes to count) and todd tries to justify his own nerd-osity by bugging me to play along too.

After i SPEND MY DAY WORKING AND TRYING TO PAY THE BILLS, and then after i HANG OUT WITH MY FAMILY, maybe i'll write some "random facts" for the glory of God. But I ain't taggin' nobody. It ends here.

This is why i waited 5 years to start blogging.

Johnny! said...

Now list your 5 favorite kinds of ice cream, Mr. Myspace.

Alex Burdine said...


Ross just rubbed the funk all over you guys.

Alex Burdine said...


did Ross just say he was "working?"


I kid because I care ©

Todd Wright said...

I'm just glad I tracked vocals yesterday instead of today.

Ross seems grumpy.

rk said...

First of all:
Alex, best comment ever. The first one. The second one was the worst ever.

JasonSigs, never got back to you on your questions. Sorry. Serious stuff tends to get ignored around here. I have two guitars. A Takamine TNV 360SC (that's the free one) and a Larrivee D-03. Love both of them.

for a studio gear list, check out don't want to bore everyone here (including myself) with too much gear talk.

Alex Burdine said...

Ross, I was playing to both sides, for comedic a zen thing. Like, how many babies could I fit into a tire?