Friday, December 14, 2007

I didn't want to admit that I'm a huge international star, but...

That's exactly what I'm being forced to do by the techno-geniuses who run iTunes. It seems like it was only yesterday (or, at the most, 2 weeks ago), that I was telling you about the ringtone scam being perpetuated, in a joint effort, by the Apple empire and the Grassroots cartel. I was miffed, but also honored and ego-inflated. It was quite a precarious psychological position, I assure you.

Well, today I went to iTunes to check on my recent sales (very unimpressive, but sufficient for the modest lifestyle the King family embraces) only to find that nearly my entire song catalog has, sometime within the last couple of weeks, been made available for ringtone use.

I'm forced to make two conclusions.

First, I'm a huge rock star who will only be made huger by the sonic deluge of my super-hits on cellular telephone devices worldwide. Go me.

Second, iTunes must be basically making every song in the world available for ringtone downloading. Go everybody.

Perhaps you find my two conclusion at logical odds with one another. Perhaps you're even confused by the seemingly contradictory (and certainly trivial) points that I'm making with this entire post.

Hey, don't worry about it. Just quit thinking about it. Your time would be better spent going to iTunes and getting a ringtone of "Why Me Lord." And next time you get a call, let it ring until you get to that part about the kid who cleans poo.

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Johnny! said...

So then, the next "Hey, 'sup?" call I get is all we've ever wanted, apparently .