Friday, December 21, 2007

Back to Bidness

I'm starting to book shows for the new year. I know that I never made it to all the places that I hoped to go, but after the great (and surprising) success of the fall tour, I think I'll have a little more confidence and freedom in expanding the whole deal. So if you're still interested in me coming (or coming back), let me know. Be patient. I'm doing this all by myself here, so things are always a little disorganized.

Anyway, here are January's shows so far:

Jan 1-2 -- shows in a couple of Southwest Houston locations
Jan 5 -- Houston
Jan 17-19 -- 2-3 shows in the San Antonio area
Jan 25 -- Waco

I'll be adding stuff to this, but let me know if you are interested in any of this, either to come to an already-booked show or to book an additional show in any of these areas (especially Waco or SA).

After Christmas, I'll be contacting my friends in DFW, Oklahoma, Florida, and PA/MD/NY to talk possibilites. Also, I'm working on Arizona and California mini-tours as well. Again, if you have thoughts or questions about any of this, let me know here on the blog, or email me.

Merry Christmas.


jared slack said...
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jared slack said...

where will you be playing in Waco?

rk said...

Right now, i have one show scheduled at the home of Brett and Emily Mills (they're actually songwriters/worship leaders too), and i'm probably going to be scheduling one at my brother-in-laws place as well. Both are just homes in Waco. Let me know if you're interested in either one.


cb said...

i am interested in the Waco show too Ross....

cb said...

and for what its worth, there are probably 2-10 others also interested....(i know its a big range there, but ya know how them college kids are)

Hi. My name is Alanna. said...

I never did get around to writing this after your concert (of which I love the pic on your headline) - but I have to say your song, "The Non-Religious Me" really spoke to me. A lot. I've played it over and over and over. Ok - I've played the whole CD over and over and over. Even my kids know the songs now, but that song in particular I could listen to several times a day. Thanks for the honesty. Thanks to your friend (Craig??) who was real enough about it that you could write this song.

And I loved the break-up song - that was hilarious.

Gotta go. God bless your ministry and you and all of yours.

Wes said...


When you make it up here to the maryland area, consider jumping a little south over the river to northern virginia, as I'm pretty sure I could work up a house show or something a little bigger here... Let me know!

Wes Wakefield