Sunday, January 6, 2008

The Great Houston Tour of '08

OK, so that's maybe a tad dramatic as a description of what happened this week. But if you came to my blog, after no posts for 2 whole weeks, and saw “I played 3 houses this week,” you’d just feel bummed out. Bummed out because my blog is so boring, and bummed out because my career is so sad.

But that would be a rash judgment on your part, honestly, because my career, though basically insignificant and certainly “earthy,” is rather exciting right now.

By way of example, I submit to you the aforementioned 3 houses I played this week (some of you will remember them, collectively, as The Great Houston Tour of ’08). They were excellent. Sonny and Casi Howard hosted me for two back-to-back nights Monday and Tuesday. Both great shows. Super-smooth Craig Weaver joined for those. We had a great time, gave away a lot of CD’s, found adequate funds in “the box” at the end of the evening, etc. All the stuff you hope for. And of course, lots of great conversation (had some great time talking with my new friend Tim Barosh, who seems to be one of the sharpest, most teachable worship leaders around) and genuine Spirit-filled connection. We had maybe 80 people between the two shows, which is big for house concerts, but it worked ok. It’s getting easier for me to know how to adjust the whole mood of things when crowds are bigger. For me, "bigger" is like more than 25.

Then, last night, my old pal Ryan Riley, formerly of Community Church, co-hosted me with some of his friends from his church. Another really excellent time. Keith Sewell sat in on percussion and harmony. Lots of really enlightening conversation and honesty at that show as well.

So it was an excellent week. Honestly, if I could figure out a way to do it, this week would be a pretty ideal template for the way I’d love to do ministry and music all of the time. I felt alive and purposed and faithful. And I made an okay amount of money. It wasn’t enough to live on, but when I combine it with the money I get from various sales and royalties, it works out ok. I don’t know. Maybe I wouldn’t want to travel that much all the time. I suppose I can tell you more after a few more months of this.

My goal for the week is get a good handle on the DFW shows, which I think will be in February. More on that later.

Finally, here’s something that will warm your heart, especially in this cynical age:
This guy came to the Tuesday night show, stood in the back of the room where nobody would notice him, and just hung out and listened. He didn’t try to get any attention and say “hey I’m more famous and talented than the dude who’s putting on a show,” even though that would be true. So if you’re thinking that all CCM artists are snobby and self-important, stop thinking that. It’s a horribly graceless generalization, first of all, but also, this dude is an example of kindness, humility, selflessness, and lots of other stuff that you never associate with people who spend their life on stages. So go buy his music. It’s actually really good.

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