Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Insert Clever Title Here

Sorry to not be posting much these days. The holidays kind of got me out of the habit, and then I just got busy with all that stuff that rockstar-producer-introverts like me are always busying themselves with. I’ve got some stuff coming later this week that will hopefully make up for my absence.

Anyway, here are a few upcoming things, for those who care to know:

House Show in San Antonio this Friday night (Jan 18th)

House Show in Waco next Friday night (Jan 25th)

I’m leading worship at The Vista Community Church in Temple on Sunday February 3rd.

And I’m pretty close to finalizing a short tour of the DFW/Metroplex area. I've got about half the dates tentatively worked out.

Please email me if you would like more info on any of that, especially if you're in the DFW area and would like to host or help with a concert.

Finally, I hardly ever do this, but I really think that all of you, especially any musicians, should go look at this. It’s maybe the funniest collection of videos I’ve ever seen. OK, maybe not, but it definitely makes the "Best of 2008 So Far" list, which is significant, I think. Whatever. Check it out and be careful not to drink any beverages while you do. Santana, Slash, and Jake E Lee are standouts, but they're all good enough to send liquid thru the nose.


Johnny! said...

Santana brought me to tears. The timbale player is the best.

joe.peebles said...

I keep hoping for another "I think I'm funny but I should probably let you decide" post to ring in the new year, but today it appears that you've given us another hodgepodge post comprised of seemingly unrelated bits like an afterthought title, tour news, and a random "check this out". Perhaps you've shred too much.

rk said...

Gee whiz, Joe. Where's the grace? I seem to remember JoeZone going about 6 weeks with nary a post recently. Maybe you should spend more time updating the multitudes of JoeZonians and less time critiquing other well-meaning rockstar bloggers.

"JoeZonians." Where do i come up with this stuff?

joe.peebles said...

Ah, so as it turns out this is probably one of those stick/speck of dust moments. I'm probably just projecting out of jealousy since no one screams anymore at my head-wobbles and pelvic-thrusts.

Lauri Hahn said...

Ross- you're scaring me. If you show up tonite in a Trans Am & a mullet, we're locking the door.