Tuesday, December 4, 2007


OK, so after a couple of days of tweaking, and a couple of "prove how dumb I am" phone calls to Keith, here's what I've got. I wanted a picture at the top, and I got that working. I wanted a wider area for main text, since I tend to write long posts. Got that working.

But it's still just a blog, and who really cares, right? So, if anybody has any strong opinions on it, let me know. I've come to realize that this site has, in many ways, become more important to my ministry than my other one, at least in this "touring" time. And that makes me want to improve it in little ways, when I can. If I'm not accomplishing that with my poor-man's-hacker experiments, let me know.

Also, I'll have info on January house concerts within a few days.

And I'm working on another Ridiculous But True.


Robert Conn said...

It works. Although it won't make your posts any shorter.

Romack said...

I like, I like.

The text and background contrast better...blind-friendly.

Patti said...

I was listening to Dennis Miller's radio show a couple of nights ago and he referenced William Shatner's performance of "Rocket Man" and called it "a seminal moment in American comedy." Perhaps your "Hello" makes the top 5? There was certainly good comedy in the telling. The new format looks good.

Todd Wright said...

Just so there's not confusion...Romack IS actually blind.

You gotta' let folks know stuff like that, Romack, cause otherwise you just seem like a jerk.

Romack said...

Thanks for watching my back, Todd...literally.