Thursday, September 13, 2007

"A Visual Recap of the Tour," or, "Several Thousand Words, Metaphorically Speaking"

Wednesday in Edmond, OK:

This is where it all began, so to speak. Above, witness the corner of the Roth's living room where Michael and I (and I think I can safely use the word "literally" here) rocked the house. We had to move that chair out of the way to do it.

Below is a wider (and different) angle of the same room, with some Roth's thrown in there on the left, to give you some perspective, in case you were thinking that the room was really massive. (I mean, all along you were thinking "Ross is kidding about this living room thing, right? He's being figurative or something. He's going to have some huge stage show and set up to look like he's playing on someone's couch, right?" Nope.) We fit maybe 15-18 people in there. This is the kind of glamorous, super-celeb vibe you get on the Su Casa es Mi Casa Tour.

and here (below) is the whole Roth fam, along with me and Michael and two of the dogs, one of whom was compelled to protest the photo shoot by mooning us. Not cool, Sally. So not cool.
By the way, the Roth's are home schoolers. I submit their two kids -- Reagan and Chance --as evidence that this whole "socialization" argument is dumb and uninformed. Not only did both of their kids have plenty of well-adjusted, healthy peer relationships (I met several of their friends at the house show, some of whom were public schooled and some who weren't), but they were two of the most mature, well spoken, witty, and polite kids I've ever been around. Oh, and Chance has a black belt which, as you might expect, goes pretty far with me. Take that, anti-homeschool snobs.

Bottom line, these people were awesome, their friends were amazing, and the show was fantastic. If every house concert I do is half as good as this one was (and/or if every host home is half as gracious and comfortable), this is going to be my new job.
Thursday in Stillwater, OK:

The above pic is of me, Michael and Scott Donaho, who is the director of the Baptist Collegiate Ministry at OSU. He hosted one of the two "non-house" concerts that we did. Scott is a super cool dude, and he paid us actual, real money to play, in addition to taking us out to eat THREE times, and putting us up in a REAL HOTEL. Apparently this guy is the Donald Trump of house concert hosting. Or the Santa Claus. Whatever. He was really kind to us, and we had a blast leading his students in worship, playing some of my concert tunes, and eating late-night Taco Bueno.

Here's something fun. After the show, Michael and I were in the hotel room, winding down, getting ready for bed, etc (try not to focus on all the jokes you want to make right here about how that sentence sounds, lest you miss what's coming right here), and I see this small pile of clothes in the corner of the room, and I'm like "hey Michael, the least you can do is put your dirty underwear in your bag and not leave them on the floor." And Michael's like "those aren't mine."

Yep. That's right. Unclaimed unmentionables.

So I got to take the garbage bag from the wastebasket and do that turn-it-inside-out-and-make-it-a-glove trick that dog owners do when their pooch poops on the pavement.

It was awesome.

Thad had told me that some of the guys on texags call the town "Stoolwater" (hey, Aggies can be a cruel, merciless bunch, and the management of rosskingworldtourblog do not endorse that kind of hate speech, or any kind for that matter). I thought that was a little harsh. Maybe they were basing their judgment on the Best Western. If so, maybe not so harsh.

I'm just saying.

Anyway, Scott was the man, and he gets big props for all his kindness. Hey, it's not like he called the hotel and said "I need to reserve a room; preferbaly one with soiled shorts in the corner." I mean, I doubt they said to him "smoking or non-smoking? Dirty drawers or non-dirty drawers?"

OK, I've used up all my self-alotted blog time talking about skid-marked undies and the discovery/disposal thereof. I'll give more recaps and pics sometime this weekend.

Hey, have you got the new CD yet? Let me know. Anybody ticked off or confused by any of the crazy stuff I put on it? Let me know.


King Family said...

Thank you to the Roth's and Scott for hosting and loving my husband last week. He loved being with you and I am thankful for his time spent in your homes and company. (Also, thanks to Mrs. Roth for helping my not-so-organized husband get all his stuff from your house!)


JasonSigs said...

Just got my copy of the new CD yesterday and listened to it straight through (after reading the liner notes, of course). Lots to think about. You'll hear from me soon, once work slows down and I have time to form my thoughts into an intelligible e-mail. Interestingly, the things you seem to think are most controversial are the things I tend to agree with most. Not sure exactly what that means.

Glad to hear the house tour is going well, and I trust it will continue that way.

Brett said...

Ross, the tour sounds like it is going really well. I am a wee bit envious of those folks who get to enjoy your music live. I know the Lord is using you to bless so many people. I will continue to pray for you and your ministry. (I actually do pray and not do the Christian "I say I will pray, but not actually do it" kind of thing)

I got my cd in the mail yesterday and have listened through it all the way about 4 times now. It is a great cd and you have packed it with stuff to think about. Not only is it full of things to consider, but the music and arrangements are great too. As usual, I will have to listen through it several more times to fully get it all. I tend to agree with a lot of what you say, but like you have said, at least it makes me consider things and examine my own walk. Overall, great cd!

Johnny! said...

That anything on the record could be considered controversial is great cause for controversy. Or something.

RR said...

Thank you for your kind and encouraging remarks. I am equally thakful that the whole soiled unmentionable incident happened in Stillwater and not at our house.

Robb Brunansky said...

How many words is a video worth? For those who won't get to see Ross live this time around, here's a sample from the bigger venue show he did in Wichita.

rk said...

thanks for the link. Man, i had a little trouble getting up to the note on that first chorus, huh? Oh well, it was my 5th night in a row, and i ain't as spry as i used to be.

Also, thanks to everybody for the feedback on the CD. Sales have been great, and I've gotten lots of encouraging words from folks.

I'll have more concert recaps up tonight, including the show on the video.