Tuesday, September 11, 2007

50 Cent, Kanye and... me?

Yeah, we're all releasing this week. In fact, my CD is officially "released" today (though people on last week's tour got an early shot at it). Fiddy and Kanye both tried to keep my release on the "down low," as they say, but I ain't havin' it. We all release today, and we all want the top spot.

Here's my promise to the public: if I don't sell more copies of my new record in the first week than both of these bozos, I will cancel my planned New Year's Eve show with Kenny Chesney and Hillary Duff. I'm deadly serious about this. The "Ruff, Buff, and Duff" tour is OVER if I don't outsell these two posers. Public: let that be your warning. You want to see me and Kenny in sleeveless shirts, obnoxiously tight jeans, and low-brimmed hats? Well then, get to buying.

Now, for the news.

I'm home. The first leg of the tour went amazing. I'm going to be posting more details and pics soon, but it was awesome. The only hitch was that I had to cancel last night's Tulsa show because my voice is basically gone. One thing I hadn't counted on in this "house show" thing is that all the unplugged singing would mean a lot of yelling. By Sunday night, I was starting to crack a little. And by Monday am, I was a coughing, phlegm-y mess. Today I'm not much better, but I don't have to sing for a few days.

Thankfully, Eric Vardemann, host of the Tulsa show, was kind enough to let me cancel/postpone. I'll try to head back up to OK later in the fall to make it up to him, and maybe hit some of the OK/AR spots that I missed the first time around.

Thanks to everyone who has been praying and encouraging me on this deal. This weekend, I'm in West Texas working with my pal Voddie Baucham, and after that I'm off to PA/MD for more concerts.

Pics and travel stories later this week. Check back for all the details and dirt.


Johnny! said...

When does it hit the iTunes store?

rk said...

It should be up any day. But as part of my huge, rotating band, you'll be getting one in the mail for free, so don't be too hasty in your downloading, unless you just like spending money.

Alex Burdine said...

Dude...totally posted about Fiddy and Kanye on monday. hilarious.

Here's an alternate title for your H-duff, K-ches tour

"Doof, Goof, and Aloof" World Tour

I'll let you have first dibbs on your own adjective:)

See you in a week or so.

Johnny! said...

Gotta support the team. Save the disc. I'm already pimpin' it, too.

Todd Wright said...

Did Ross just fit Kanye, Fiddy, Hillary Duff and Kenny Chesney in the same post?


Johnny! said...

Downloadin' now, baby!

"What, you're using my 'babies' now?"

JasonSigs said...

Congrats on a successful start to the Ross King Roadshow. Just got the "Item shipped today" notification on the new CD, and am looking forward to hearing it.

50c: +0
Kanye: +0
RK: +1

I will say, however, that if my contribution does eventually lead to the musical abomination that would be a Duff/Chesney/King tour, I would likely suffer irrevocable emotional scars.

Please, Ross, think of the children.

rk said...

good point Jason. I'll replace Chesney with Toby Keith.

By the way, the CD is now on iTunes.

joe.peebles said...

Speaking of iTunes, Ross, I don't come away with the impression that they really "get" what you're all about in the new album. Soulspeak was "Unclassifiable" - which is pretty cool and fitting. For some reason Perhaps is showing up as Gospel & Religious. There's a little iTunes iRony for you.

Robb Brunansky said...

Gospel and religious I can see, you know, since he's putting life back in religion and preaching the gospel and all while being a keeper of the way.

What is iRonic to me is that in my version of iTunes Perhaps shows up as Pop. Maybe the whole Hillary Duff thing isn't too far-fetched after all????

Brett said...

Still waiting for my cd to arrive in the mail. My only question regarding the tour would be...I know who "Duff" is, but...Is Ross "Ruff" or "Buff"?

Johnny! said...

BTW, the record's great.