Tuesday, September 25, 2007


Like the title says, we're back. Michael and I got home yesterday morning. Great trip. I'll post the update/recap/"behind the music" soon. Today is Sam's birthday (4 years old), so I'm otherwise occupied. It's terribly bad form to leave one's family for 7 days and then spend the next day blogging. It's downright criminal to do it all on your son's birthday. As such, I leave you only with this pic of Lance, me, Michael and Jason (aka "L-train," "King Delicious," "Steeley Mike," and "J Biggie"):

Dedicated to the millions of high school and college girls who seem to think they are in street gangs whenever they take pics for myspace and facebook.

later haters.


thad said...

I assume L-Train, Steeley Mike, and J Biggie jumped you immediately following this photo since you flashed a different sign than the three of them. If you have those photos, we'd love to see them.

Todd Wright said...

Favorite elements of this post: "King Delicious" and "J. Biggie."

Does Jason KNOW you're calling him J. Biggie?

Johnny! said...

Throwing gang signs or pinching nipples? You be the judge.

rk said...

You called it.nThose chumps all tried to play me post pic, but I started singing some of my dope lyrics and they broke into tears. Soon thereafter e'er one of 'em adopted my gang sign. Then we hugged.

You really think Jason's never been referred to as a large human? That dude is absolutely the guy you want to be behind in a bar brawl. Except that he's so nice.

I was tempted to say that your comment was offensive and highly inappropriate, but then i looked a little more closely at the pic and, I gotta say...

Jason Fullen said...

Just a thought or two:

Why J. Biggie? Why not "J. Money", or "J.Dog" or the more recent "J. Rock" (to steal from Todd)?
Or how about even "J Biggie-Smalls" to keep people guessing?

Fine then.

BTW: As Johnny! pointed out - we are so pinching nipples!

Thanks for coming. It was great having you.

Brooke said...

hey, ross. looking through blogs and found yours here. so so happy for you and your family and for the new season of life and ministry for you. i looked at your wife's sight too and your beautiful kids. hard to believe i turned 30 this month and have 3 little ones myself. hope to keep in touch with you and the church more now that we have good internet over here.