Friday, February 19, 2010

Show tonight! Free CD's being mailed! LOUD NOISES!

Hey everyone. It's kind of a "clean-up" day around here. Got a few things for you.

First, go here to get more info about the concert tonight in the Houston area. It's free and it should be a big crowd. I mean, for me, a "big crowd" is like 70 people, but you know what I mean.

Second, the Great CD Review Giveaway of 2010 is officially over. Thanks to all who participated and gave me big props and much love. The free CD's are going in the mail today. If you haven't given me your CD preference and your address, I can't send you a CD! So get me that asap. Depending on where you stay at, you'll get them sometime next week.

Third, in case you're wondering who all these strangers are showing up and commenting, they are all mainly followers of this chica, who is doing a giveaway of her own. Feel free to go over there and get some free stuff.

Fourth, I really want to tell you all about my trip last week to Nashville. It was tons of fun and I learned a lot. In addition, there were some really cool "career" things that happened. So hopefully I can get to that next week.

That's all for now. Hope to see all the Houston folks tonight!

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