Thursday, February 4, 2010

See dee baby? (A Contest!)

For some reason, when I wrote that sentence, I said it outloud with an unidentifiable European accent. Like many of my jokes, you had to sort of be there to appreciate it.

Anyway, my kids' CD is now available at CDBaby. I'm hoping to generate some sales there, so I thought I'd run a little giveaway/contest thing.

Here's how it will work. I'll give a free CD -- anything from my catalog that is still in print -- to anyone who will do 2 of these 4 things:

--go to my CDBaby page and post a review (hopefully a very positive one) for the new CD.
--go to my iTunes page and post a review for the kids CD.
--go to my Amazon page and post of review for the kids CD.
--go to any of the pages that i listed here and post a review in the "comments" section of any of those blogs/pages.

Just do 2 of those things, then email me ( or comment on this post, letting me know that you did it (links to your reviews would be appreciated, but if you're not very tech-savvy, just tell me where the reviews are), then let me know what CD you want. It's that easy, people!

I figure if I get several good reviews, I'll be more likely to sell some stuff in those various places. These different webpages/services represent different markets for me, because most of my "fans" would probably just buy my stuff direct from my website. But people who buy at CDBaby or thru the other above places are more likely to be the kind of folks who just stumble upon me one way or another (especially now that I have a CD in a different "genre").

So, most of you probably have all the CD's of mine that you want, but if not -- or if you want to give some as gifts or whatever -- go post some reviews and let me know about it. I'll send you some free stuff!


Brian or Amy said...

My friend (Amy Burch) gave me your CD and my kids (4 - ages 2-8) LOVE LOVE LOVE your CD... I need to tell you that I wake up in the middle of the night singing Learning my Alphabet" and my 4 year old sings "If I Wasn't So Cute" way too loud down the aisles of WalMart! I personally love "Sleepyhead" when my 2yr old sings it to me as he lays down for the night! Thank you for writing FUN RELEVANT songs for my kids and I guess for all the other kids out there as well! My nephew is getting your CD for his 3rd birthday! I would be happy to write some reviews!

Jessica Morris said...

Haha - too funny about this other comment as *I* wake up singing the alphabet song in the middle of the night too!!!

I wrote some reviews on amazon and CD baby - I couldn't figure out iTunes but will check it again and do that soon.
Thanks again for amazing kid music!!

Maggie said...

I reviewed you at CDBaby and Amazon...

I think that will get you there??? I hope! I have a copy of Words that Rhyme With Orange - but I'd love another copy to give as a birthday gift! Thanks so much!