Monday, June 29, 2009


don't have time for blogging right now, so I'll just send you here. tiffany is a com church friend and co-laborer on the trip. she'll give you a brief rundown of recent goings-on here in haiti.

One thing to note: there is a pic on the blog of some kids chicken fighting in the ocean. One of those kids is naked. the back that he's on is mine. this was a first for me. and probably a last.

Too many inappropriate jokes to make...

More updates soon. Got to get to bed. Have to be up by 6 am to start work on a rooftop garden.

Pray for Haiti!


T & T Livesay said...

I'm just glad that guy from the clinic today wasn't playing chicken in the pool tonight.

Thanks for all the fellowship and sharing - wish we'd had more time. Hope to see you again sometime.


Lauri Hahn said...

Love it!

What a privilege for you- and for us that you've shared.

A real perspective adjuster!

Being on a Haitian missions trip moves the line up along the age graph for where someone else's kid naked & on piggieback is still OK.