Friday, June 26, 2009

suffering for jesus

Tomorrow around this time I'll be in Haiti. Weird. I'm really excited and anxious to see what sorts of things God has in store for me and the other folks coming along.

One interesting little tidbit is that, because Haiti is such a poor country, food is scarce and, at least to my American appetite, a little odd. Our host family -- who run the orphanage where we'll be spending the majority of of time -- gave us a long list of things to bring, some of it for the orphans and some of it for us. Due to a severe lack of quality meat/protein, they suggested that we bring canned meat. Yeah, you read that right. Canned meat. I'm a rich, white American, so I don't eat a lot of canned meat. Fortunately, during the "leaner" years of my childhood, the King family indulged in a good bit of Spam. Spam gets a bad rap (maybe?), but if I'm honest, I can tell you that I don't mind it. I mean, I haven't had it in about 20 years, but my memory is that it wasn't that bad.

At any rate, I love protein, so I decided to dive right in. So, over the next 8-9 days, as you are munching on chicken strips and steaks and cheeseburgers and ham sandwiches and such, you can think of me, consuming this, which I purchased today at HEB:

So I guess when I say "pray for me," I'm talking about more than just the usual missionary stuff.


Hendrick Family said...

You love Jesus way more than I do.

While I'm eating fajitas and my Blue Bell Ice Cream, YES...I will pray for you.

Could you bring me back a baby?


Lauri Hahn said...

Palatable canned meat can be summed up in one word: tuna. And that comes in carry-on friendly foil pouches.

Spam is best sliced & fried. 'Makes its own grease. Stick it in whatever native bread-type item the Haitians specialize in. Dispose of that space jelly stuff it comes in immediately, though. Spam is the first test food that aliens planted here.

welchvine said...

I'm with Samaritan's Purse in Bangladesh, serving as a physician. Protein is also expensive for the locals here. A dozen eggs costs half a day's wages for most of the poor we serve. Will pray for your time in Haiti. Appreciate your ministry in song- am listening to Keeper of the Way right now. Keep being Salt and Light!