Monday, April 14, 2008

Pennsylvanians, Marylandians, UNITE!!!

Here's your chance. Come see me for free in Reading, PA this Thursday (April 17) and/or in Baltimore on Friday (April 18).

Reading info: I'll be playing at the world's coolest Christian Retailer, Gravity Bookstore, which can be viewed online here and here.

Baltimore info: house show at the home of Jill Lejcar. Jill would love to have more guests if anyone is interested. Contact her at

I'm also playing in Reisterstown, MD on Sunday morning and Sunday night (April 20). If you're interested in either of those, let me know and I'll get you info. I'm not sure the Sunday night show is open, but I can find out.

Thanks everyone. Contact me if you need more info about any of this.


Jill said...

Slight typo on the email address for the Baltimore show. If you're interested, contact me at jlejcar75 at hotmail.

A few details: my place is in Hunt Valley (north of Baltimore), and we're gathering around 7:30pm on Friday eve.

rk said...

Fixed it. Thanks Jill. See you in a few days.