Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Upcoming places where I will rock faces

Here are a few upcoming house concerts, for those interested:

Saturday March 15 -- Sugar Land, TX
Thursday March 27 -- Azle, TX (15-20 miles northwest of Fort Worth)
Friday March 28 -- Sanger, TX (10-15 miles north of Denton)
Saturday March 29 -- Arlington, TX
Sunday May 18 -- San Antonio, TX

As usual, let me know if you're interested in any of these shows. Some of them might already be "full," so I can't make any promises, but I'd love to hear from you and see what we can do.

Also, I have a gig in Reisterstown, MD (just NW of Baltimore) on April 20, and I'd love to do a few house shows in the PA/MD/NY area while I'm there. I'd especially love to hit some of the spots that I missed during my fall tour. So, if any of that applies to you, don't be shy. I need to book flight within the next 2 weeks, so I've got to finalize all that. Who's with me?

Finally, I'm also doing lots of worship-leading these days, so the spring calendar is actually pretty full. I don't know how much more house-concert-scheduling I'll be doing before May or so. If you're interested in a date, check my other website calendar first, but Summer/Fall will probably be best.


Laurie said...

Let us know what dates might still work for you in the spring. Or.... maybe we could do ours early summer??

Jill said...

Did you get my email about 4/18 in Hunt Valley, MD? I'm still holding the date and hope you can make it...

Dave said...

There was, is, and will continue to be a home/church/venue available outside Rochester NY.

Bobby said...

Where are you playing in Azle? We're going to be at the Sanger show, but I love me some Ross King (in a healthy kind of way).

Wes said...

I'll try again, I guess my message last night didn't get posted...

Northern Virginia (DC Suburb) is always an option, there's food and an extra bedroom. We'd love to have ya here... I'm sure I could throw together a house show or two if you want to dip south.

Did I mention that I live 8min from Dulles Airport? hehe.

Wes Wakefield

Todd Wright said...

For fine choices in Sanger dining, I suggest Miguelito's.

Don't worry, Robert and Shelly know where it is. (Like the back of their hands...)

Lindele said...

I say YES to WES!

I'd be most happy to see you come to Virginia. North of Baltimore is a wee bit far, but I can handle Dulles, and I might be able to persuade some others to come with me.

Wes said...

Lindele, it might happen, Ross and I are tossing some dates around... Send me an email with how many people you think you would bring if it happened so I can have the appropriate size house / venue. Possible Thursday night (April 17th), but nothing is for sure yet, so don't get too excited! =)

wmw99a AT gmail dot com


David Guion said...

Hi Ross,

Glad to see that you're still doing the House Concerts as well as "lots of worship-leading these days..."

I'm curious though... your "rock and roll" hand photo for this post looks remarkably like a "Hook'em Horns" sign to me. I mean, knowing how much of a "rock star" you are around College Station, doesn't that get a bit life-threatening at times? Again, just wondering.

Anyhow, I noticed on your website that you gave your blog address as: Didn't you mean:

(Don't you just love it that I posted this as a "comment" instead of sending an e-mail or calling your cell?)

Okay, my work here is done.

Have a blessed weekend.


Lauri Hahn said...


Hey! Will you have more than one day's time to set aside for San Antonio in May? We'd love to host you again. Let me know.


Ben said...

Hi Ross, I was still hoping that you would be able to come to Mt. Vernon Mennonite Church in April. Let me know what your plans are and if you are still able to come.


Ben Blevins

Chuck said...

I'd love more information on the Sanger show.

Also, another suggestion for fine dining in said city would be Babe's.

rk said...

I think the Sanger show is full. Email me ( and we can talk thru the possibilities.