Monday, October 29, 2007

Last Belated Recap

Just because I’m a recovering legalist who desperately needs things like closure and tidy-ness, I’m going to do a quick recap of the last house concert that I did, nearly two weeks ago.

The concert was hosted at the home of Aaron and Heather Hendrick. I know, I know, these people are everywhere, right? What can I tell you? They’re like superhuman or something, with all their tour-naming and concert-organizing and joke-posting and such. Also, they have a trampoline.

It was a really great show. Craig goes to church with the Hendrick family, and he’s pretty close to them, so I asked him to play with me again.

Maybe 25 people. We played for about 90 minutes. Nobody yawned or made boo-ing sounds or listened to their iPods while we were playing. A couple of people had the nerve to get up and “use the bathroom” (whatever that’s supposed to mean) while we were playing. Don’t worry. I totally mocked them in front of everybody.

Also, there was food. It was really good. They had stew, cornbread, and that cheesecake that tastes like sopapillas. Holy moley. I’d punch a puppy for that stuff.

But I didn’t. I only engage in canine abuse when I’m backed into a corner.

I think having food at house concerts is good. Most of the shows I’ve done so far have had food. I’m not a picky eater, so I’m usually really excited when someone puts hot grub in front of me and says “you don’t have to pay for this.” That’s just something to think about for all you future hosts.

Not much else to tell about the show. If something terrible had happened, it would make for a funny story, but no luck there. Like I said, it was basically a really good time.

Here’s something cool. The show was local, so I wasn’t all tired from traveling when it was over, and I hung out late and talked with people. That’s really the part that I love about these shows. The after-show talking.

Here’s something else. They had that Guitar Hero game, and I figured I’d be awesome at it because, well, I sort of am a guitar hero. I mean, it’s like that time I sang karaoke in Indianapolis at that sports bar. I’ll tell the story some other time, okay, but the point is that I was kind a ringer. They loved me in Indy. Karaoke Hero, you know?

So I figured this would be like that.

Well, it wasn’t. I was terrible. Lots of people that were there were way better than me, and none of them have written super-hit chart-toppers like yours truly. None of them, I bet, can blaze thru G-C-D like RK. So how come I wasn’t the awesomest?

It was pretty lame. Luckily I’m not all that competitive. Otherwise I would’ve pointed out that I think my controller was messed up and besides that it was only my first time and plus I was really distracted from all that sopapilla cheesecake I’d eaten and the game was stupid anyway.

I could beat any of those punks at Galaga.

So another great show. Right now I’m in Florida on vacation with the family. We’ve spent a few days at the beach, and tomorrow we’re going to do some Disney park stuff. If we don’t get blown off the coast by the 40 mph winds, we’ll be hanging out with Mickey for a few more days before we go home.

Speaking of Mickey Mouse, is anybody else freaked out that our nation’s most prominent animated icon is a rodent that is so big he owns a dog? Seriously.


Johnny! said...

My other sometimes employer (is he the bizarro Ross or are you the bizarro Stephen?) went to Disneywhatever with his kids only to find out it was Gay Day. If you see lots of guys wearing red t-shirts, leave.

Brett said...

This is the funniest line I have read in a while:

"Speaking of Mickey Mouse, is anybody else freaked out that our nation’s most prominent animated icon is a rodent that is so big he owns a dog? Seriously."

Thanks Ross!

Hendrick Family said...


We love you guys and enjoyed having you here.

And I thought the rule about rodents was...if rodents are one should like them. If they wear underpants...people should like them.

the wife Hendrick

Shane said...

funny story - i would love more karaoke stories, etc...

Todd Wright said...

Hey, maybe you could rig up a Guitar Hero guitar to use in your concerts...

That would be rad, dude.