Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Congrats Johnny!

It's hard to say exactly why, but I like "Enthusiam '07 featuring Ross King" best, so Johnny wins.

What set this entry apart, you ask? I think those of you who know me well know that this is exactly the kind of subtle, smart-mouth, and oh-so-spot-on-sarcastic humor that I love. I mean, really, has the word "entusiasm" ever been used to describe me?

Runners up were, in no particular order:
Joe, with "Free Music (musical stylings and a positive message from local artist Ross King)"

Brett, with "Ross and Coco in 'I sing while he mimes'"

Lance, with "An Inconvenient Concert"
( though I really couldn't let this one win because it reminded me too much of Al Gore's "documentary," and that thing's already garnered more undeserved awards than Titanic and Crash combined; and no,that's not my attempt to refute global warming, only to refute Al's scientific and artistic integrity)

Everyone did great. You're all winners. Well, actually only Johnny is.

Anyway, I'm putting some tasty meat products in the mail to Johnny today. They're pretty heavy, and I don't have a lot of money so they may take a couple of days. So, Johnny, you can be expecting some warm pork food within a week or so.

I've still got a recap to write, from last week. The short version is that the show ruled. The long version will be ready soon.


Brett said...

My congratulations to Johnny!

Let us all know how that meat turns out. I'm just so thrilled that "meat products" was the actual prize.

Hey, you could have gotten the awkward side-hug!

Johnny! said...

Mmmm...pork. Rushdoony would be appalled.

joe.peebles said...

Sweet... first runner-up! Will there be any kind of presentation at Enthusiasm '07? Should I come Coffeehouse Casual or Traditional Church Informal?

Johnny! said...

Now, did I mean "enthusiasm" in the Finneyite "anxious bench" sense or was I being a different kind of snarky?

Hey, I'm just part of the 143 generation.

rk said...

johnny reads a lot.

also, he wouldn't have won with any of those jokes.

Johnny! said...

C'mon! Deuteronomy 14:3! That's gold!

Alex Burdine said...
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Dave said...
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