Friday, January 2, 2009

Post #127

Happy New Year everybody. I couldn't think of any good titles for this one, so I just took some data from my blogger dashboard. I do what I have to to keep things lively around here.

The writing retreat was a huge success. I mean, I don’t know if I wrote any huge hits, but I definitely accomplished the goals that I set for myself. I completed 3 songs (2 of those were “from scratch”) and half-pseudo-almost-wrote 5 others. It’s weird how productive I can be when I sit in a quiet room with nothing to do but pray, read, and write. Thanks to everybody who said a prayer for my time. And thanks also to anybody who really wanted to pray but instead spent their daily prayer time praying for starving children or world peace. Those are really important things too.

I made some great progress on the children’s record that I mentioned a while ago. Thanks again to all of you who gave me ideas. I won’t tell which ones I used just yet, but I can say that a few of you are going to find yourselves in the liner notes of my huge international smash hit record.

That’s all for now. I’ve a got a few gigs coming up that I’ll write more about soon. In the meantime, be looking for my music here. What a cool idea! I’ll have it up there sometime this week.

One more thing. I've found that more people read this blog when there are pictures of my kids, so here's another recent shot of my precious little heartbreaker: