Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pay what you want.

I like "pay what you want." Those of you who have attended any of my house concerts know that I utilized this method there. I've found that people generally pay well when they are given the freedom to decide what something is worth. For the buyer, it's a chance to act as a sort of "art appraiser," and for the seller/artist, it's a chance to walk in faith. Win/win, right?

Well, these people agree, and they now carry my music. Right now, they only have my most recent project, which most of you probably already own. However, I hope to release an EP of some sort within the next few months, and I'll probably sell that project there as well.

Anyway, for now you can check out the site. I'm on the "most recent" page, right at the top. If any of your friends don't have my music, feel free to send them there and tell them to pay what they want. It's a win/win.


aggierudy3 said...

I almost recommended noisetrade to you last week, but then I thought, "Ross is cool, surely he knows this exists." And I was right. :)

Lil said...

The link isn't working. =(