Monday, February 4, 2008

Dee Eff Dubya

A long time ago, back when I could’ve afforded it, I should’ve hired an assistant. He/she would’ve worked with me during those years when I was making pretty decent money, and he/she would have gotten paid pretty well, which would’ve contributed to a rigorous loyalty, on his/her part, to me and my ministry (money does that). And then, years later (now), when I was un-popular and pseudo-poor, unable to pay him/her what he/she deserved, it would be too late. He/she would be all loyal and committed and invested and stuff. I'd have he/she hooked.

He/she would be organizing these house shows instead of me.

He/she would have gotten a DFW show on the books a looooong time ago.

He/she, where are you?

Well, this is the internet, so who knows what kinds of responses I could get to a question like that. I’d best be moving on to the point of this here post, lest I inadvertently invite a host of dysfunctionally androgynous perverts to participate in the otherwise aboveboard goings-on here at Ross King World Tour.

(Sometimes I just like to write sentences like that because I can...)

The point is that it's taken entirely too long for me to organize my propsed Dallas/Fort Worth shows. I have no excuse. And he/she is not here to shoulder the blame.

But I've finally got it. And so...

Here are the dates for upcoming concerts on the Dallas/Fort Worth leg of the Su Casa es Mi Casa tour:

March 27-30.

More details about those shows soon to come, but for now, just let me know ( if you think you might want to come to any of those shows, and/or if you’d like me to look at adding a date for you to host. My in-laws live up there, so I can probably add a show or two on either end if anyone is interested. Those dates represent Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, as well as a Sunday morning. But if anyone wants Wednesday night, Sunday night, or Monday night, I’m pretty sure I can do it.

Either way, thanks for you patience. Hope to see some of you there.

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Shane said...


i love doing this stuff and i used to do it for some people, but now with a wife and job, i probably do not have time now - but if i could, i would - seriouosly