Friday, August 3, 2007

various miscellany

Coupla things that may be of interest to some of you.

First, the new CD is now available for pre-sale here. The release date is Sept 10 (maybe sooner, though), but you can go ahead and order one (or five) now. I'm excited. Go order one, or at least go look at the cool artwork done by AM Design.

Second, all of my CD projects, except for the new one, are now on iTunes. I'd link to it here, but that would only take you to the audiobooks page of an author who has the coolest name ever, and apparently deserves to have first claim to it. I'm bitter. Anyway, I've had a couple of records on there for a while, but my pal Britt Norvell helped me get the rest up this past week. Since a couple of my records are currently out of print, this is pretty much the only way to get them. Tell your friends. Buy lots of stuff.

Third, I've put most of my fall schedule on my website. It includes the house show tours, which are still being updated and planned, and also my worship gigs, as well as the Sundays when I'll be at Community Church.

Here's something cool. I have like 5-6 out-of-town worship gigs in the fall, and all of them but one are with Voddie Baucham. He's a good friend and, as many of you know, an amazing preacher/teacher. Between being with him several times and getting to plan my own tours, I'm getting really excited about my travels. It's still more "being gone" than I've had in a while, and I know it will be tough time away from my family, but I feel like very excited about it all.

Coupla mo things...
I'm still trying to figure out when/where to do all the Texas venues, but hopefully that will get worked out soon. I'm hoping to do shows in these great TX towns, and maybe a few others:

Bryan/College Station (of course)
San Antonio
Lufkin (Todd? Chris? I haven't forgotten about you guys)

I also really want to try to figure out a second set of PA/NY/MD shows and, hopefully, the oft-mentioned-but-never-materialized Florida tour.

Sorry this post is only boring data, but not every post can have car wrecks and nunchucks.


Alex Burdine said...

First: As honory president of Ross King's Chicken and a Fan World Tour fan club, I just preordered my CD.

Secondly: "Ross King" on Nebali (a planet far, far out there) means "car wrecks and nunchucks" so, EVERY post contains them, technically.


Don't smother your kids.

JasonSigs said...

This link lists your CDs for me:

Glad to see the upcoming release date for the new CD, can't wait to hear it. What about maybe posting some of the song lyrics? Strange though it may seem, I always like to read the songs before I actually listen to them (yes, I read the liner notes too). It offers a different perspective that you can never get once you've actually listened to the music.

Also, Ross - are you still up for that discussion about the role of secular music in Christianity? Maybe e-mail would be a better venue. Guess you'll be pretty busy during the next few months though. Maybe that's a debate for another day.

Anyway, congrats on your latest accomplishment and God bless.

rk said...

i think you've officially exceeded the maximum # of inside jokes allowed. If only they weren't so darn funny...

And thanks for the youtube link. Any time the Scrubs people do PSA work, I'm in.

yeah man, i'm up for all that: lyrics ahead of time, christian/secular debate, whatever. in fact, i'll make this really fun by doing both of those at once. i'll post the lyrics to two songs that address those very topics. i'll do it within the next few days, and maybe we can stir up some good conversation around here. i only hope you don't hate the songs. I don't have enough fans that i can afford to lose any.

i'm off to bed, but i'll get that going in a day or two.

Sparrow said...

I have fond memories of you playing when Vodie was speaking. Right before I moved to College Station for school, I went to Falls Creek where he was speaking and you were playing, after that it was only logical I wind up at Community

JT said...

Am I the only one who can't view the schedule on the webpage? I've tried Firefox and IE both at work and at my house and it never comes up.

It's because I'm in Austin, isn't it....

JasonSigs said...

jt: if you mean the schedule on the site, then it works fine for me in IE7 and Firefox 2. It is loaded via a Flash movie though, so it might take a little while if you have a slower connection.