Tuesday, August 21, 2007

As promised:

Go here if you want two free songs from the new record, which will look like this:

PC people do this: Right click, choose "save target as" if you want to save it to your computer. Mac people do whatever it is you do...

Tell your friends. Or don't. But enjoy. And thanks for reading/supporting/encouraging.

Be looking for TX tour info later this week.


rk said...

by the way, i thought i'd put the lyrics here, in case anybody wanted them.

Here's the first one:

Light of the World
Words & music by ross king

Oh so cynical and cool/Is the smirk on the face of a fool
Who uses the truth to be cruel
And I have been that fool for sure/Pretending that I’m so mature
And only revealing how insecure I am
Just like a cloud I’ll block the sun and bring the shade
I’ll cool ‘em down so I can rain on their parade

But I’m not living that way anymore
I can no longer ignore the truth and the life all around me
You showed me the Way on the day that You found me
Now I’m chasing the darkness away/Shining as bright as the day
Like a town on a hill in the night/Like a lamp on a stand
I’m the light of the world

Isolation is the key/ Just make everybody believe
That I’ve got everything that I need
And it’s like prison in a way/Cause I know I can never escape
I’m bound in the walls of the laws that I’ve made
I’ve given my two cents at least a million times
That’s two million pennies spent that now ain’t worth a dime

But I’m not living that way anymore…I’m the light of the world

I’m the salt of the earth/That’s in the previous verse…

These are hard things to do:/Loving people, speaking truth
Arrogance and pride get in the way/But it’s time for me to say…

I’m not living that way anymore… I’m the light of the world

©2007 ross king all rights reserved

rk said...

and here's the second one:
Everybody Medicates
Words and music by ross king

A pot of coffee starts his day off right
A cigarette at 10 and 3
A drink or two will get him thru the night
It’s simple chemistry
She is a whirlwind of activity
She rarely finds the time to rest
Never too much responsibility
That’s when she’s at her best

Everybody medicates, everybody medicates
And most of us will suffocate beneath the weight
Everybody medicates unless the church becomes a place
Where we are safe and free to say that we’re not OK

He is successful in his line of work
He’s clocking sixty hours a week
He is a leader in his local church
And everybody sees
She’s flipping thru the fashion magazines
Before she heads out to the mall
She’s searching for a new identity
Seems like she’s tried them all

Everybody medicates, everybody medicates
And most of us will suffocate beneath the weight
Everybody medicates unless the church becomes a place
Where we are safe and free to say that we’re not OK

One tree
That’s all He keeps from us
And somehow it is driving us insane
Fig leaves have never been enough
To cover up our nakedness and shame
Who are we fooling with this game?

She skips a meal or two and no one knows
It’s been this way for quite a while
She’s finally fitting into last year’s clothes
Too bad they’re out of style
He looks at pictures on the internet
He needs it much more than he should
He’s so surprised no one has caught him yet
He wishes someone would

Everybody medicates, everybody medicates
And most of us will suffocate beneath the weight
Everybody medicates unless the church becomes a place
Where we are safe and free to say that we’re not OK

©2003 ross king all rights reserved

Todd Wright said...

So excited to hear these, man! Let me be one of the many to say that the comeback has begun!

Johnny! said...

Don't call it a comeback...

Very nice, Ross.

Robert Conn said...

Papa like!

JasonSigs said...

Thanks for posting the lyrics, Ross. As I mentioned before, I really like to read the songs first, and you've got some great lyrics here. The tone of that first song, "Light of the World", is somewhat reminiscent (to me, anyway) of "An Open Letter To The Christian Sub-Culture", except written from the opposite first-person perspective - deceiver instead of deceived, if I could put it that way. Really interesting.

As always, it's refreshing to find lyrics that break the "worship factory insta-hit" mold and address real issues in the life of the Christian.

Thanks again, can't wait to hear these.

Robb Brunansky said...

Hey Ross, I guess we've both been that fool! Thanks for posting the lyrics. I'm looking forward to the rest of the CD when it's available.

meramba said...

thanks ross and staci. the second one is real good to hear.

Todd Wright said...


Aaron said...

When I was reading this blog, I thought you were telling us to "right-click" on your picture and "save as."

I thought, "Why not just tell us to right click on the picture and select 'set as background'. I mean what could be better than a Ross King wallpaper."

Lauri Hahn said...


We'd host you & yours on a weeknight- depending on what night of the week that turned out to be. Essentially, whatever gets you spread around as thickly as possible! Let us know days/dates & we'll work around everyone's lives.


Andrew said...

just wondering, since you seem to be in the mood for sharing lyrics, if you would be so kind as to leave a comment with the lyrics to "whatever you ask"... if not, because you are wondering how i have that song without buying your cd in this world of illegal downloading and such (none of which i will smit to) then that is fine... but if you do, thats great, and i will love you forever... (maybe thats a little forward)

Andrew said...

and by "smit" i mean "admit"

rk said...

tell you what, Andrew. You convince me that you paid for the music, and i'll get you the lyrics.

or you can just look it up on the internet and probably find it somewhere and avoid having to face the wrath of all my pals here when/if they discover that you're a worship-music-loving hamburglar.

speaking of free music, the idea of this was that i'd give away some songs, and you folks would give me feedback. i'm pretty secure and self-confident and all, but the internet silence i'm getting has me a little worried. are the songs that bad, that boring, or that speechless-stupor-of-amazement good?

wait, don't answer that. I love my illusions.

Alex Burdine said...

For what it's worth, I just discovered that the chords for "Medicate" are the same for Smashing Pumpkins' "Disarm".

While "Disarm" is a little more creepy, Ross has cooler hair than Billy.

is that the feedback you were looking for, Ross?

kathryn said...

These songs are great! I'd heard them both once before, but I missed a whole lot, especially in Light of the World. I'm super-pumped about the album coming out. I listened to the clips, and I'm excited to hear the rest of "Anywhere You Go."

The harmony on this album (what I've heard, at least) adds to the country feel that your voice naturally has... I like it. :)

(Also, I wasn't able to hear more than the first second of tracks 2 and 4, but maybe that's more of a user-issue than a computer issue.)

JasonSigs said...

Guess I only gave feedback on the lyrics. Since then, I've listened to both songs (a lot) and have a few things to say, but I'm going to wait awhile and process it more before I put it out there.

In the meantime, suffice it to say that I never thought you could top "As Much For Me" when it comes to tackling issues head-on, but you may have just done it with "Everybody Medicates". Something tells me it won't be getting much airtime on mainstream Christian radio -- which is fine, because I don't listen to it anyway, but unfortunate, because it's a message many people (myself included) need to hear.

Brett said...

Ross, you have done it again! I love these two songs and the honesty with which you write. I think both of these songs hit the nail on the head...I know they have in my life. I look forward to hearing the rest of the album. Thanks for posting the lyrics.