Saturday, June 16, 2007

you have plenty of stuff to pray for, i'm sure, but...

I'm not big on posting personal details of my life. I'll go on and on (and on and on...) when it comes to opinions, beliefs, convictions, etc. But it's just not my way to tell "the world" (meaning anyone who happens across my various web endeavors) all about the inner, private stuff.

However, some things are going on that may keep me from posting for a few days, so I'll briefly share it here.

Last week, while I was doing a really great camp gig in Ohio, I got a call that my dad had been taken to the hospital for some fairly serious health-related stuff. Obviously it was upsetting for me, and even more so since I was a 4 hour plane ride away when it all went down.

He's been in and out of the hospital since then, and he's currently being tested for all kinds of stuff. Again, I'm not going to go thru a bunch of details, and I assume you all understand why I make that choice. But I do feel like we have a cool little community of friends here, so I wanted all of you to know about it, lest you thought I was just ignoring you or getting lazy. I also wanted you to know about it so you can pray for him if you're so inclined.

All evidence points to a full (and fairly quick) recovery for my Pop, but I'm going to be spending all my free time for a bit trying to be there for him and my mom. I love my dad, and on top of that, I just really like him. He's always been the kind of father that everybody else wishes they had. If nothing else, this is a great excuse for me to get some quality time with him. He's as ornery as ever, stuck in that hospital bed, being poked and prodded all day, and he needs his kid around to listen to his ranting and raving and smart-aleck jokes (am I my father's son or what?).

I promise I'll be back to all this soon enough. Thanks to all of you for your encouragement and support.


JasonSigs said...
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JasonSigs said...

"One part suffers, all parts suffer together." You and your dad will be on my prayer list. Hope things continue to go well throughout the recovery process. God bless.

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Johnny! said...

O Almighty God, who art the giver of all health,
and the aid of those who turn to thee for succour; We entreat thy strength and goodness in behalf of this thy servant, that he may be healed of his infirmities, to thine honour and glory; through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.