Wednesday, May 27, 2009

words that rhyme with orange

I'm pretty sure that's the title of the kid's record (I wrote about it at length here). For those that care, it's coming along slowly, but great. I am doing about 90% of the work myself. Usually I hire a bunch of musicians and pay them to play various instruments. These people are typically really good at what they do. This means that they do things very well, very fast, and at a very expensive price.

This time, I'm playing most of the instruments myself. Some of the instrumentation is being done with this software, and some is being done the traditional way (you know, where I pick up an instrument and, like, play it and stuff). When I play everything myself, things are done very slowly and very cheaply. It's a give-and-take deal.

Anyway, I'm taking it a song at a time, and I've completed 7 songs. I hope to have 12-14 on the final record, so I'm a little over halfway done. I am really trying to get some samples up for those of you who are faithful to the blog, so keep a look out for that.

For now, know that I plan to have this thing done by mid-summer. Really. Seriously.

Thanks to everyone who has asked about it.


Lauri Hahn said...

I like just, "Rhymes With Orange"

Needs a pull-out poster & scratch-n-sniff stickers.

Or not.

court garrison said...

I cannot wait to see it...or hear it rather. The Garrison kiddos are waiting patiently!

Jeremy said...

i like lauri's idea of the stickers. perhaps you could have a "trendy" song about how the 80s happened. you know a little history lesson for the kiddos and how they missed out on puffy stickers. i would then include a pack of puffy stickers as well, each saying "puffy sticker" upon it. maybe if technology is as good as they say these days, you could integrate lauri's scratch-n-sniff with the puffy stickers. it's win-win.

Jeremy said...

i'm feeling creative today... one last song idea:
something to the effect that it's ok if marsh mellows get burned when cooking them upon a campfire. you know, settle their little worries. everyone loves sweet and crunchy things. perhaps a lesson in moderation could be inserted in there, as you can't let it burn too much or you totally sink the enjoyment factor of the food item.