Friday, August 15, 2008

Something somebody else said

This is so worth reading (thanks Johnny). Obviously I don't agree with every word of it, but it sure is interesting to hear these kinds of thoughts from someone who thinks some of the same things that I've been thinking. I, too, am pretty sick of all the slickness and kitsch and plastic posturing that we do in the name of "reaching" people. And I suspect that much of the world sees right thru it, the same way they see thru the spin-doctor game-playing of politicians or the "reality" of reality tv. Anyway, there's no reason for me to elaborate. I'll let her do it.

By the way, as an experiment, I went to google images and typed in the phrase "trendy pastor," and this was the very first picture that came up. I'm not saying it means anything. I just think it's interesting...

In other news, they gave me "name credit" on that cool video that I referenced a couple of weeks ago. Did some of you harass those poor (but creative) folks? I really hope not. They seem like nice people, and they make really good videos. Either way, I can no longer use this particular situation in building my case as a misunderstood, underappreciated, brilliant victim. And that just makes me feel sorry for myself. Why me, Lord?


Michael said...

I think what she says is great. She wants genuine community with a group of believers, and obviously thats wonderful. I just think there needs to be a little more patience and love towards the brothers and sisters that have become a little distracted.

Don't get me wrong, I am greatly fed up with trendy church. It makes my stomach turn sometimes. But I've met a lot of pastors, worship leaders, and youth groups that are really pushing the trendy church culture, and a lot of them are God-fearing, spirit-led people who are down-right in love with Jesus. They have just been focusing on strange ways to make this church thing work.

Sure there are a lot of people that are way off the path with how to follow Jesus, but in the end, we are a part of the body, and I'm not sure one hand should kick the other hand's ass.

...or pour coffee on it for that matter.

I really did like a lot of what she said though. She's going to be a great blessing to whatever church she ends up with.

Michelle said...

great eye opener

Johnny! said...

I agree the discontented should exercise charity toward the body--I said that when I put down Blue Like Jazz somewhere around the middle of the book.

One of the challenges to that is that the current trend toward self-serving worship is the chief reason the salt has lost its savor in our day and land. IMHO, anyway so I'll take it to my blog...

Lauri Hahn said...

I totally get that her point was NOT about matter of dress, but- it'd be nice if however a person did decide to dress or live (like a hippie, like a Suit, like Church Lady) was inconsequential; not noticed, related to or judged as revealing the level of authenticity in their relationship with Jesus.

Falseness has been around for centuries. Fakes amuck in every denomination and lack thereof. However, since He is the Truth, I think the revolving door of plastic steeples will keep churning OUT people who because of Christ, will want more, seek more & find more. Because He IS more. Deep calls to deep. And just because the superficial gets press doesn't mean those who hold up the shiny things are all snake charmers or those who INITIALLY follow the pretty shiny things are all nincompoops or shallow, materialistic posers.

I am not disagreeing with you, Ross, at all. No doubt there IS a real disconnect & failure to communicate out there in modern church & it is sad for the ones who throw the "baby" out with the bath water or fall thru the cracks.

If He uses all things together for HIS good, it's gotta mean the chipped away candy coating as well as the blistered-kneed prayers. I am not as ready as she is to throw my hands up at the state of the union & call it all a travesty. He will restore the years the locusts have eaten.

At least for my sake, I am hoping so!

rk said...

Apparently I've made all of you believe that I totally agree with this person. I don't. Again, I just found her thoughts interesting and thought-provoking. So, let me repeat: I don't agree with every word.

good thoughts, all.

Michael said...

I knew you didn't agree completely Ross

josh said...

i just read that tonight (thanks, of course, to johnny), and posted a similar sentiment on my blog. except not quite as profound and poetic as yours. thanks for saying what i'm not creative enough to say :-)

Bobby said...

She had some good thoughts, but I found some of the others contradictory.

For example, she despised the "singles" movement, but she also said she was fed up of church's emphasizing strong families. For someone claiming to desire genuine community in the Church, it is odd that she is tired of hearing about something that Scripture puts a major emphasis on. After all, the family unit was the first environment of worship for humans.

I have some of the same frustrations she does, but unfortunately that discontent can lead to cynicism and relentless fault-finding. I think her argument is missing grace and mercy. She may be speaking the truth, but the love that is supposed to accompany it has been forgotten or lost in translation.